To start using this section of the Cytopathology site first decide how you want to view the images in the database.

Search mode:

Use this interface to search for images based on criteria you supply. Your results will be posted in a scolling box in the left hand screen. You can use the "AND" and "OR" boxes to narrow your search even further.

To view any of these images as a single image simply click on the image name.

If you would like to compare any two images on screen perform your search then click on the compare button. You will see two new windows appear in this space. To view any image from your list in the left portion of this new split screen click on the "L" button which will appear right after the images' name. To view an image in the right hand portion of this screen simply click on the "R" button.

To go back to viewing the images one by one in larger size click on any images name.

Group Index mode


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