Respiratory System: 76 y/o woman with chest pain
Clinical Presentation:
A 76 year old Caucasian woman presents as a new patient to your clinic, complaining of chest pain for the past week. She tells you that the pain is 5/10 in severity, unrelated to exertion, does not improve with sublingual nitroglycerin and is not associated with shortness of breath. Her past medical history is significant for coronary artery disease, hypertension, and a 50 pack year smoking history. She also had a “pimple” removed from the left temporal region of her face 10 years ago. She lives in Hawaii and spends much of her time gardening. On physical exam, you note the scar in the left termporal region of her face. Her heart rate, respirations and blood pressure are unchanged from her baseline. Laboratory tests were all within normal limits including serum CPK and troponin levels.