Rapid Autopsy

In Memoriam...

Dave Foster
In early 2015, Tyler Farmer began experiencing pain in his left shoulder. A college student, he got an MRI during spring break, thinking he had torn something in his shoulder. Instead, he learned he had a large tumor in his shoulder, which was later diagnosed as osteosarcoma.

Tyler immediately began chemotherapy but soon learned that the tumor was not responding to treatment. In June 2015 Tyler made the brave decision to amputate his left arm, in hopes of stopping the cancer. After months more of chemo, Tyler was declared cancer free.

Despite the loss of his left arm and lingering effects of chemotherapy, Tyler began rebuilding his life. He returned to college at Towson University in January 2016 and moved into his own apartment in August 2016. Despite the challenges he faced, Tyler was determined to lead a positive and independent life.

In December 2016, Tyler received the dreaded news that the cancer had returned, this time in his chest. Tyler had surgery and began an Phase II clinical trial. But in March 2017, additional cancer was found, this time next to blood vessels in his heart that prevented surgical removal. Tyler bravely decided he would no longer pursue treatment and entered hospice care. Tyler died at his home, with his parents Greg and Tammy, on October 8, 2017.

Tyler felt strongly that he had benefited from others who had suffered the cruelty of cancer, but had contributed to cancer research. He felt he had a responsibility to contribute as much as possible to science, so hopefully others diagnosed with this terrible disease could benefit. Through the Legacy Gift program, Tyler was able to donate cancer tissue to not only the Legacy Gift tissue bank, but also the Children's Oncology Group, the National Institutes of Health, the Children's Cancer Therapy Institute, and the Texas Tech Cancer Center.

Tyler is remembered by his family and friends as a brave soul who cared deeply for others. He hopes his contributions to cancer research will inspire others to consider how they can contribute as well. Despite his many adversities, Tyler maintained a positive attitude.

You will be missed but never forgotten, Tyler.