Barrett's Esophagus


20th Annual Current Topics in Gastrointestinal & Liver Pathology
August 29 - 30, 2020
Pre-Recorded Lectures with Live Zoom Q&A Sessions
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This 20th annual conference is intended as a practical overview for pathologists who encounter gastrointestinal and liver specimens in daily practice.


This site is a collaboration between patients and the physicians and scientists of Johns Hopkins. It grew out of a shared passion to improve the quality of information and resources available.

The information provided here is aimed to help patients, family members, physicians, and others better understand Barrett's Esophagus and its treatment. We want this site to be a valuable resource to you and encourage you to visit regularly to get new information about clinical trials, research, resources, educational programs, on-line discussions with others facing the disease and special events.

A Personal Story... In Memory of...

Jim's Journey with Esophageal Cancer

Written by his wife, Carolyn, a registered nurse with a Master's degree in Public Health.

Jerry D'Amato

Lorraine Coakley