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About Jerry Jerry D' Amato
Family was such an important part of Jerry's life. He wanted to spend every minute he could with each one of us. He never took anyone for granted and appreciated everyone.
Dad always struggled with weight loss. He would go up then down, he tried every diet.

Never did he complain of heartburn. Even though dad enjoyed eating he NEVER drank or smoked so when he told us that November 2004 he had been diagnosed with esophageal cancer we were all in shock. Eight months later dad was taken from us at the age of 50 after undergoing radiation, chemo and surgery.

It is so difficult to comprehend the death of anyone, let alone your father. Trying to make peace with it has been hard but watching someone suffer is even harder. We thank God for giving him the peace that he so needed and know he continues to look down on us and protect us.

We now look back on the time we had with him and remember all those great family outings we went on, trips into the city, vacations and get-togethers at someone's house. He enjoying hearing about your life daily and was always someone who was there for you.

Jerry was a member of the financial world and made many friends along the way. It was an honor to see how many hearts Jerry touched when people came to give their final respects.

We started the Jerry D'Amato Charity Foundation to celebrate Jerry's love for life and to help fund esophageal cancer research at Johns Hopkins Medical Center. Our family is committed to spreading the word about early detection and to help fund research that isolates the gene that leads to this horrible disease.

Please remember to go for your yearly checkups and to try and eat healthy. We are fighting a tough battle and are appreciative of any support.

The Jerry D'Amato Charity Foundation +

Founded in December 2005, the Jerry D'Amato Charity Foundation was able to sponsor Dr. Hector Alvarez from Santiago, Chile. Dr. Anirban Maitra and Dr. Elizabeth Montgomery are jointly mentoring Hector Alvarez to study the molecular genetics and targeted therapy of esophageal adenocarcinoma.

Dr. Montgomery is a senior clinician/pathologist at Johns Hopkins and Dr. Maitra is an Associate Professor of Pathology, Oncology and Genetic Medicine at Johns Hopkins.

The foundation has also made the following Experiments possible:

  1. Serial Analysis of Gene Expression in the Barrett esophagus progression model
  2. Integrative Epigenomics of the Barrett esophagus progression model
  3. Mesothelin targeted diagnosis and therapy of esophageal cancer

Facts about Esophageal Cancer

  • Esophagus cancer is the most rapidly increasing cancer in the US. It is estimated that it will kill almost 14,000 Americans in 2007. There will be 15-16,000 new cases diagnosed in 2007.[in 2000, there were about 12,000 new cases diagnosed]. About three fourths of the affected people are men.
  • Esophagus cancer will be the number 7 cancer killer of men in 2007.
  • Long-standing gastro-esophageal reflux(heartburn) is a predisposing factor for esophagus cancer.
  • American at highest risk for Barrett's esophagus and esophagus cancer: white men over 50 years with a long history of reflux.

New techniques are emerging to detest and treat affected people but we need to do better!

Past Events +

June 13, 2011 - Annual Jerry D'Amato Charity Foundation Golf & Tennis Outing

Thanks to your generous support, the Jerry D'Amato Charity Foundation has donated over $110, 000 to The Johns Hopkins Esophageal Cancer Research Center. The proceeds from this event are helping to find a cure for the disease that took Jerry and many others like him without warning. Your participation makes a huge difference to those facing this devastating disease and we are extremely grateful for your support.

With that being said, please come join us for a great day of fun with a purpose!

June 30, 2008 - 3rd Annual Jerry D'Amato Charity Golf Outing

It's that time of year again to start thinking about warm weather, fun in the sun and supporting a great cause. In a spirit of hope to those facing the devastating disease of esophageal cancer and as a tribute to the great guy Jerry was, please join us for the third annual Jerry D'Amato Charity Golf Outing and fundraising event.

Thanks to the supporters of this fundraising event, a donation of over $40,000 has been given to the John's Hopkins Esophageal Cancer Research Center to help find a cure for the cancer that took Jerry and many others like him without warning. Your continued support gives hope to us all."

July 9, 2007 - 2nd Annual Jerry D'Amato Charity Golf Outing
Minisceongo Golf Club at Pomona, New York

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Past Events Pictures +

2nd Annual Charity Golf Outing - July 9, 2007 at Minisceongo Golf Club in Pomona, New York