Guidelines for Applications


Guidelines and instructions:

1)         Awards will be made for pilot projects to explore a new direction for a program; nurture an especially innovative idea; explore an unconventional but potentially important hypothesis; or test the feasibility of a research protocol.

2)            Applications will be judged by a review panel composed of senior faculty members at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions. High priority will be given to project innovativeness and potential clinical impact.

3)         All Hopkins' faculty members may apply, whether or not they are members of The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center.  However, an investigator may hold only one pilot project award at a time. 

4)         Grants will be made in the range of $20,000 to $40,000 (direct costs) for a period of one-year with the potential for one renewal year upon reapplication.  Under special circumstances award amounts may be higher.  Please assume an February 1, 2005 start date. Funds may be used for the salary support, for equipment, and for consumable supplies.

5)         Grants should be submitted electronically.  Modify the forms below and submit as a .doc file to the following e-mail address: [Lucy Wangaruro ]

6)   Applications are simple and brief and should include and be ordered as follows:


  • Cover Page (Form attached below)

  • Specific Aims

  • Background, including preliminary studies of applicant

  • Experimental Design (Please refer to previous publications of P.I. whenever possible).    The total length of Specific Aims, Background, and Experimental Design sections should not exceed two pages., using a Font of 12 and 1 inch margins.

  • Additional materials: 

a) Progress Report (For renewal applications only) 1 page maximum

b) Current and pending funding: Carefully indicate reasons for non-overlap if potential overlap exists. 

c) Biosketch form for all key personnel









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