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Written by by Dr. Gerald S. Spear. M.D.

These photographs were taken by Dr. Gerald S. Spear JHMS 1952, House Staff Pathology 1953-1956, Chief Resident Pathology 1958-1959, Staff Pathology 1959-1977. The pictures were taken in 1955-1956 when he lived in the pathology resident's room on the 3rd floor in the south corridor under the Dome overlooking Broadway in what is now called the Billings Building. From 1956 to 1958 he was the founding Chief of the Histopathology Center at the 6407th USAF hospital at Tachikawa Japan. In 1977 Jerry left Hopkins to become Professor of Pathology at the University of California Irvine, retiring and becoming Emeritus in 2005. Upon his retirement the Department of Pathology at Irvine in collaboration with the Department of Pathology at Hopkins established a fellowship in his name for an Irvine student who excels in Pathology to participate in a one month elective in the Department of Pathology at Hopkins thereby to inspire respect for and, possibly, a career in pathology.

Billings Billings Billings Billings Billings

Below: The 95th Pithotomy Show May 1956

Below: Journal Club at home of Dr. and Mrs. Rich likely in May 1956

Below: Turtle Derby

Below: Views of and from the Hospital during the period in my residency when I lived in the Pathology Quarters (i.e. room) that was reserved for and assigned to Pathology Residents on the third floor of the front Administration Building of the Hospital in the south wing, the room, being on the west side of the corridor, fronting on Broadway. The room may have been the room with the bay window. These pictures were taken in the winter of 1955-56. I was the only Pathology Resident living in the Hospital under this arrangement at the time. In fact, 1955-56 may have been the last year that residents lived in the administration building. Rooms transitioned to administrative staff offices, and, in fact, I believe this transition was occurring as I lived there.

Gerald Spear's Contribution to Renal Biopsy at Johns Hopkins »

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