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1889 - 2014

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Rank Name Title
1 WILLIAM H. WELCH Professor of Pathology
2 WILLIAM W. FORD Associate Professor of Hygiene and Bacteriology
3 GEORGE H. WHIPPLE Associate Professor of Pathology
4 MILTON C. WINTERNITZ Associate in Pathology
4 MILTON C. WINTERNITZ Assistant Resident Pathologist
5 JOHN H. KING Associate in Pathology (absent on leave)
6 THOMAS P. SPRUNT Associate in Pathology
7 DAVID M. DAVIS Assistant in Pathology
8 LLOYD P. SHIPPEN Instructor in Hygiene and Bacteriology
9 BENJAMIN S. KLINE Assistant in Pathology
10 HOLLAND N. STEVENSON Assistant in Pathology
11 HARRY C. SCHMEISSER Fellow in Pathology
12 GEORGE H. WHIPPLE Resident Pathologist