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1889 - 2014

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Rank Name Title
1 WILLIAM H. WELCH Professor of Pathology
2 WILLIAM W. FORD Associate Professor of Hygiene and Bacteriology
3 MILTON C. WINTERNITZ Associate Professor of Pathology
4 MONTROSE T. BURROWS Associate in Pathology
5 HARRY C. SCHMEISSER Instructor in Pathology
6 CHARLES A. LAUBACH Instructor in Hygiene and Bacteriology
7 SAMUEL GOLDSCHMIDT, Jr. Instructor in Pathology
8 ADMONT H. CLARK Instructor in Pathology
9 STANHOPE BAYNE-JONES Instructor in Pathology
10 MARION F. HARALSON Assistant in Bacteriology and Hygiene
11 RAYMOND S. HUSSEY Assistant in Pathology
12 H. HAYES BULLARD Assistant in Pathology
13 JOHN C. LYMAN Assistant in Pathology
14 JOSEPH S. LAWRENCE Assistant in Bacteriology and Hygiene
15 LLOYD D. FELTON Assistant in Pathology
16 MONTROSE T. BURROWS Acting Resident Pathologist
17 STANHOPE BAYNE-JONES Assistant Resident Pathologist
18 ADMONT H. CLARK Assistant Resident Pathologist
19 JOHN C. LYMAN Assistant Resident Pathologist