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1889 - 2014

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Rank Name Title
1 WILLIAM G. MACCALLUM Professor of Pathology
2 ADMONT H. CLARK Associate in Pathology
3 HARRY C. SCHMEISSER Associate in Pathology
4 SAMUEL GOLDSCHMIDT, Jr. Instructor in Pathological Chemistry
5 STANHOPE BAYNE-JONES Associate in Pathology and Bacteriology
6 PAUL W. CHRISTMAN Assistant in Pathology
7 WILLIAM C. VON GLAHN Assistant in Pathology
8 ESAU A. GREENSPON Assistant in Pathology
9 RUTH A. GUY Assistant in Bacteriology
10 H. HAYES BULLARD Instructor in Pathology
11 LLOYD D. FELTON Assistant in Pathology and Bacteriology
12 ADMONT H. CLARK Assistant Resident Pathologist
13 WILLIAM C. VON GLAHN Assistant Resident Pathologist