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1889 - 2014

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Rank Name Title
1 WILLIAM G. MACCALLUM Baxley Professor of Pathology and Director of the Department of Pathology
2 ARNOLD R. RICH Associate Professor of Pathology
3 J. HOWARD BROWN Associate Professor of Bacteriology
4 FRANK B. KINDELL Associate in Pathology (absent on leave)
5 MARGARET G. SMITH Associate in Pathology
6 WILEY D. FORBUS Associate in Pathology
7 MARTIN FROBISHER, Jr. Instructor in Bacteriology
8 JOHN H. BUMSTEAD Instructor in Pathology
9 PUTNAM LLOYD Assistant in Pathology
10 WILLIAM P. THOMPSON Assistant in Pathology
11 JUNIUS M. RAWLINGS Assistant in Pathology
12 LAURENCE S. OTELL Assistant in Pathology
13 JOHN V. GOODE Assistant in Pathology
14 IRMGARD DRESEL Assistant in Bacteriology
15 HOUSTON S. EVERETT Assistant in Gynecology (on leave to Department of Pathology)
16 HOWARD A. MCCORDOCK Assistant in Pathology
17 ARTHUR F. BERNARD SHAW Rockefeller Fellow
18 WILEY D. FORBUS Resident Pathologist
19 JUNIUS M. RAWLINGS Assistant Resident Pathologist
20 JOHN V. GOODE Assistant Resident in Surgical Pathology