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1889 - 2014

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Rank Name Title
1 WILLIAM G. MACCALLUM Baxley Professor of Pathology and Director of the Department of Pathology
2 ARNOLD R. RICH Associate Professor of Pathology
3 J. HOWARD BROWN Associate Professor of Bacteriology
4 FRANK B. KINDELL Associate in Pathology
5 SAMUEL S. BLACKMAN Associate in Pathology
6 DOUGLASS B. REMSEN Instructor in Pathology
7 EINAR LEIFSON Instructor in Bacteriology
8 CONRAD B. ACTON Assistant in Pathology (at Bay View Hospital)
9 ISABEL GILBERT SCHAUB Assistant in Bacteriology
10 G. LYMAN DUFF Assistant in Pathology
11 WILLIAM NICHOLSON Assistant in Pathology
12 GIFFORD SEITZ Assistant in Pathology
13 FRANK B. KINDELL Resident Pathologist
14 SAMUEL S. BLACKMAN Assistant Resident Pathologist
15 DOUGLAS B. REMSEN Assistant Resident Pathologist