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1889 - 2014

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Rank Name Title
1 ARNOLD R. RICH Baxley Professor of Pathology and Acting Director of the Department of Pathology
2 ELLA H. OPPENHEIMER Associate Professor of Pathology
3 STANTON L. EVERSOLE, Jr. Associate Professor of Pathology
4 FREDERICK G. GERMUTH, Jr. Assistant Professor of Pathology
5 ABOU D. POLLACK Assistant Professor of Pathology
6 OSCAR M. WILBUR, Jr. Instructor in Pathology
8 EDWARD C. ANDREWS, Jr. Instructor in Pathology
9 DAVID B. CLARK Assistant Professor of Pathology, Pediatrics, Neurological Sciences
12 JAMES A. SHAKA Instructor in Pathology
13 JACK M. BURNETT Instructor in Pathology
14 DEWITT T. HUNTER Instructor in Pathology
15 GORDON E. MADGE Instructor in Pathology
16 GERALD S. SPEAR Instructor in Pathology
17 JOHN H. YARDLEY Instructor in Pathology
18 SUMMER WOOD, Jr. Assistant in Pathology
19 WILLIAM J. CATHEY Assistant in Pathology
20 EDGAR E. HURST, Jr. Assistant in Pathology
21 WILLIAM F. REINHOFF, III William Stewart Halsted Fellow in Surgery (on leave of absence to Department of Pathology)
22 RICHARD F. MATTINGLEY Assistant in Gynecology (on leave of absence to Department of Pathology)
23 THOMAS S. COCKEY, III Fellow in Radiology (on leave of absence to Department of Pathology)
24 RUSSELL S. FISHER Lecturer in Forensic Pathology
25 OSCAR M. WILBUR, Jr. Chief Resident
26 EDWARD C. ANDREWS, Jr. Assistant Resident Pathologist
27 DEWITT T. HUNTER Assistant Resident Pathologist
28 JAMES A. SHAKA Assistant Resident Pathologist
29 GERALD S. SPEAR Assistant Resident Pathologist