Dear Groupwise Users,

The Migration from Groupwise to Exchange is on the eveing of Friday, November 21st at 6 pm.

Please remember the following:

Please DO NOT access your old Groupwise account during the migration period, November 21st 6pm to November 22nd 6am.

Your new Exchange email will be available on Saturday, November 22nd at 6 am.

Please access this account from the website Click on EXCHANGE WEB ACCESS.

Log on with your JHED ID and PASSWORD. I would suggest that you go to the website and enter your JHED ID and password before Friday, just to make sure you know exactly what your JHED ID and PASSWORD are before the email migration. (Your Groupwise ID and Password will no longer be valid).

Before the migration

  • Please print your calendar.
  • Please remove your rules.
  • Please unshare any folders and address books.

If the Outlook Desktop client has been installed on your computer, we will stop by to configure itafter the migration. Please do not configure it yourself. If you do not have it and would like the Outlook Desktop client, please email me at .

Blackberries will be configured on Monday.

For more information please see the website If you have any problems that need immediate attention on Monday, please page me at 31187. For all other requests, please email me at .

Mary Lakin

Here are some resources to assist in this transition.


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