Division of Gastrointestinal and Liver Pathology

Fellowship Programs - Combined Research and Clinical Fellowship

The two-year program centers on clinically oriented biopsy and surgical pathology gastrointestinal case material for sign-out with Drs. Elizabeth Montgomery, Robert Anders, Lysandra Voltaggio, and Laura Wood. This includes an active consult service for which the fellow is responsible. Specialty experience in liver disease is provided by Drs. Robert Anders, Laura Wood, and John K. Boitnott. Dr. Ralph Hruban, Director of the Department, provides diagnostic and research experience in pancreatic diseases.

The fellow participates in clinical rounds and in housestaff and medical student teaching. In the second year the fellow is appointed an Assistant by The Johns Hopkins Hospital and takes full responsibility for sign-out of gastrointestinal case material. Research is an integral part of the program during both years and may have either a clinical or an experimental emphasis. There are multiple opportunities for collaborative studies in gastroenterology and in basic research in this and other departments.

In addition, a separate one year fellowship position in GI / Liver Pathology is offered. This fellowship parallels the two-year program, but does not include the sign-out opportunities of the two-year program.

Requirements: Minimum of two full years Anatomic Pathology. Fellows must be able to obtain Maryland licensure by the second year of the program.

Stipends: Commensurate with the candidate's level of postgraduate training.

Applications: For application forms or questions:

Dr. Lysandra Voltaggio
Department of Pathology
CRBII Room 341
1550 Orleans Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21231

Phone: 410-955-3511

Applications should be received by October 1 for a July 1 starting date 16 months later (e.g., an application submitted by Oct 1, 2012 will be for a July 1, 2014 start); supporting documents should be received within a month of this deadline (e.g., by Nov 1, 2012 in previous example). This timetable updates and supersedes all previously announced timetables; requests for variations from this updated timetable should be directed to Dr. Lysandra Voltaggio.

Applicants should clearly state if they are applying for the one-year fellowship, for the two-year program, or for both.