Core Laboratory Phlebotomy

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Procedures for Each Category of Specimen Collection

Unit Responsibilities:
Orders for patients are electronically communicated from the Sunrise POE system. All patients collected on this round must have preregistered orders in the Lab Information System (LIS) prior to the cutoff time of 0100 for the 0130 Round and 0230 for the 0300 and 0500 Round. Orders are electronically communicated from the LIS to the Barcode Point of Care Specimen Collection Verification System. Patients without electronic orders cannot be collected or documented in Specimen Collection Verification (SCV).

Phlebotomy Team Responsibilities:

  1. The phlebotomist reports to the unit and attempts to collect all lab orders listed on the phlebotomy handheld device. The Phlebotomy Team prints barcoded specimen collection labels at the patient's bedside using Specimen Collection Verification (SCV). Each label displays the patient's name and the JHH medical record number (Patient ID).
  2. The phlebotomist scans each specimen which enters the collection date and time into the automated system.
  3. At the completion of the AM round, the phlebotomist will review all of the incomplete phlebotomy orders. Unless otherwise communicated by the unit for Incomplete Collections, missed patients will be attempted on the specified redraw round. The nurse will be notified of the Incomplete Collection.
  4. A different phlebotomist will return to the unit for redraws (as necessary). Exception is a patient Refusal. All other missed AM requests are attempted a second time on the redraw round. Successful collection of any outstanding AM phlebotomy orders will be documented in the LIS. Any patient that is missed on the redraw round will have a capillary collection for eligible tests. All other tests will be cancelled through the LIS and Unassigned by the phlebotomist on the handheld. The other tests will return to the Assignment console in the Phlebotomy dispatch center for cancellation with nurse notified. Once cancelled in the LIS, the order status for these requests will update the LIS.

Unit Responsibilities at the completion of the AM and Redraw Round:

  1. The unit charge nurse or another responsible nurse must communicate with the laboratory phlebotomist if needed to determine further action from the unit patient care team.
  2. For patients that cannot be collected (any reason) on the redraw round; the units patient care team must make a clinical decision on how to procure the requested specimens. Place new lab collect orders for the next phlebotomy round or place unit collect orders and procure the specimens through an alternative phlebotomy mechanism.