Core Laboratory Phlebotomy

Our Services - Timed Draws

  • Timed orders must be placed 1 hour in advance in order to be drawn as requested.

  • Specimen collection will be performed within 1 hour plus or minus of the requested time.

  • Timed draws are placed in POE at least 1 hour and no more than 4 hours in advance. Timed draws should be ordered in direct conjunction with the administration of the therapeutic agent. These requests should be specified in POE as lab collect. Aminoclycoside prior dosage Date, Start and Stop Time must be recorded by the nurse in the Phlebotomy Book located at the nursing station. A phlebotomist will be dispatched to the site to collect the specimens as close to the target time as possible based on staffing and patient load.

  • Click here for the Director-Approved Timed Collections List for Phlebotomy.