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Date Title Speaker Short Topic Speaker
12/16/93 Vascular endothelium in health & disease  Gimbrone, Michael E
12/09/93 Insulin resistance and type II diabetes: cellular mechanisms of insulin action  McDonald, Jay M
12/02/93 Molecular genetic studies of human vision  Nathans, Jeremy
11/18/93 Muscle biopsy technique and pathology of neuromuscular disease  Armbrustmacher, Vernon
11/11/93 The pathologic assessment of radical prostatectomy  Bastacky, Sheldon
11/04/93 Dutal carcinoma in situ: morphology correlates with biological parameters  Bobrow, Lynda
10/28/93 Cytokines, adhesion molecules and inflammatory lung injury  Ward, Peter A
10/21/93 The politics of death  Johnson, Julie
10/14/93 Signalling and crawling cells  Goldschmidt-Clermont, Pascal
10/07/93 Colitis-associated neoplasia: pathology & molecular genetics alterations  Redston, Mark
09/30/93 Flow cytometry in the diagnosis of leukemia: a picture is worth a thousand numbers  Borowitz, Michael J
09/23/93 Critical factors in anueploid detection by image cytometry  Dooley, William
09/16/93 Can high energy particles injure the central nervous system?  Vogel, Stephen
09/09/93 Biostatistical principles in clinical and laboratory studies  Piantadosi, Stephen
09/02/93 Inherent protection of extraocular muscles in muscular distrophy  Prendergast, Robert A
08/26/93 Chemical protection against carcinogenesis: harnessing our endogenous defense mechanisms  Talalay, Paul
08/19/93 Candida and candidiasis: new approaches to diagnosis and prevention  Merz, William G
08/12/93 Genetic defects in G proteins as a cause of human disease  Levine, Michael
08/05/93 Molecular biology of endometrial carcinoma  Burks, Tucker
07/29/93 Gut lymphomas  Levison, David
07/22/93 Hepatitis C virus: from clone to clinic  Alter, Harvey
07/15/93 Fatty acid ethyl esters: a new marker for ethanol ingestion  Laposota, Michael
07/08/93 The certification process in pathology  Hartmann, William H
07/01/93 Differential diagnosis in surgical pathology  Burger, Peter C
06/24/93 Pathology of heart transplantation  Hruban, Ralph H
06/17/93 Epstein-Barr virus in tumors  Ambinder, Richard
06/11/93 Clinical applications of the molecular genetics of colorectal neoplasia  Hamilton, Stanley
06/03/93 Studies of the molecular pathogenesis of cervical cancer  Slebos, Rob & Kessis, Ted
05/27/93 Graft and corruption: talking sense to the T cell  Colvin, Robert
05/20/93 Drug testing: current & future  Walsh, Michael J
05/13/93 Clinical use of tumor markers in Japan under the National Health Care system  Ohkura, Hisanao
05/06/93 Premalignant vulvar squamous lesions  Riopel, Maureen
04/29/93 Preconditioning myocardium with ischemia  Jennings, Robert
04/22/93 An overview of technology licensing at the school of medicine  Meyer, Francis J
04/15/93 Early ischemic brain damag: from MRI to neuropathology  Pardo-Villamizar, Carlos
04/08/93 Academic pathology in the 90s  Senhauser, Donald
04/01/93 Molecular approaches to the pathogenesis of infectious diseases  Charache, Patricia
03/25/93 Asbestos and mesothelioma: medical, social and scientific issues  Gabrielson, Edward
03/11/93 William Henry Welch and Pathology at Johns Hopkins  Brieger, Gert
03/04/93 Delayed transfusion reactions  Weinstein, Mark
02/18/93 Molecular genetics of Marfan's syndrome  Francomano, Claire
02/11/93 Perforin granules: a primary lytic mechanism  Hameed, Arif
02/04/93 Prostate Specific Antigen  Chan, Daniel W
01/28/93 Hepatocyte growth factor in liver regeneration and liver disease  Michalopoulos, George K
01/14/93 The pathologist and the gene therapy of cancer  Pardoll, Drew
01/07/93 Transplantation  Sanfilippo, Fred