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Order Year by: Date or Speaker Name
Date Title Speaker
12/15/94 Direct interaction of ethanol with membrane proteins: a mechanism for the effects of alcohol and anaesthetics  Rubin, Emanuel

12/08/94 New approaches to treatment of cystic fibrosis pulmonary disease  Rosenstein, Beryl

12/01/94 SOD1 mutations in familial ALS: cell biology & animal models  Borchelt, Wong and Pardo

11/17/94 Genomic imprinting in childhood cancer  Feinberg, Andrew

11/10/94 Reorienting the prostate (and its diseases)  Gardner, William

11/03/94 Molecular genetics of difficult lesions  Kern, Scott

10/20/94 Infection and autoimmunity: the myocarditis model  Rose, Noel R

10/13/94 Exhaled breath: monitoring oxidant stress in clinical studies  Risby, Terence H

10/06/94 Gases as biological messengers: nitric oxide and carbon monoxide in the nose  Ronnet, Gabriel

09/29/94 The role of human papillomavirus in the molecular pathogenesis of cervical cancer  Cho, Kathleen

09/22/94 The gene family of Na/K exchangers: structure/function studies  Donowitz, Mark

09/15/94 Molecular basis of clinical heterogeneity in neuroblastoma  Brodeur, Garrett

09/08/94 Biology of anal cancer  Fenoglio, Cecilia

08/25/94 What causes hepatitis A and what causes hepatitis E?  Ticerhurst, John

08/18/94 Some aspects of eye pathology  Green, William R

08/11/94 Role of complement in host defense against infection  Winkelstein, Jerry

08/04/94 How cells avoid the toxicity of hypertonicity  Handler, Joseph

07/28/94 Molecular controls of cell cycle and cell death after DNA damage  Kastan, Michael

07/21/94 Molecular pathology of lymphoma  Cossman, Jeffrey

07/14/94 Transcriptional responses to hypoxia  Semenza, Gregg L

07/07/94 Bone pathology: a personal journey  McCarthy, Edward

06/30/94 Dynamics of health and disease  Kroll, Marty

06/23/94 Prognostic indicators in prostate cancer  Partin, Alan W

06/16/94 Preventing sickling: a therapeutic trial  Charache, Samuel

06/09/94 Platelet autoimmunity: from destruction to circumvention to the promise of prevention  Kickler, Thomas S

06/02/94 Molecular genetic analysis of childhood malignancies  Triche, Timothy J

05/19/94 The role of c-myc in apoptosis and tumor-derived myc in lymphomagenesis  Van Dang, Chi

05/12/94 Molecular and antigenic features of granulocytic ehrichiosis agent  Dumler, Stephen J

05/05/94 Stem cells, cancer cells and nuclear phopshoprotein pp32  Pasternack, Gary

04/28/94 Phosphorylation, lymphocyte activation and antigen receptor gene rearrangement  Desiderio, Stephen

04/21/94 IgA and defense of mucous membranes  Lamm, Michael E

04/14/94 The much maligned low malignant tumor of the ovary: a case of mistaken identity  Kurman, Robert

04/07/94 Intraductal and microinvasive carcinoma of the breast  Tavassoli, Fattaneh

03/31/94 Dual marker densitometry for tumor characterization  Becker, Robert

03/24/94 Hormonal regulation of metalloproteinase expression in endometrium  Gortstein, Fred

03/10/94 Cadherins, catenins and cancer  Craig, Susan

02/24/94 Fathers and sons: the Osler-Cushing covenant in medicine  Duffy, Thomas

02/17/94 Renal tubular cells in nephropathic cystinosis and Fanconi's  Racusen, Lorraine

02/10/94 Silicone: pathophysiology, colloid chemistry and beyond  Kossovsky, Nir

02/03/94 The role of complement in cardiac graft rejection  Brauer, Robert

01/27/94 Yeast genetics and human disease  Hieter, Philip A

01/20/94 Hepatic precursor cells  Grisham, Joe

01/13/94 Metabolic alterations in breast cancer  Kuhajda, Frank