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Date Title Speaker Short Topic Speaker
12/19/96 Genetic privacy in the use of human tissues research  Korn, David
12/12/96 Fibrillary glomerulopathies  Nadasky, Tibor
12/05/96 No drums, no bugles: a pathology tradition  Johns, Richard J
11/14/96 Molecular analysis of a single cell: application to pre-implantation genetic diagnosis  Hughes, Mark
11/07/96 The platelet fibrinogen receptor: the good, the bad and the ugly  Bray, Paul
10/24/96 Aflatoxin, hepatitis B and p53 in hepatocarcinogenesis: transgenic mouse models  Sell, Stewart
10/17/96 pp32 in prostate cancer  Kadkol, Shrihari
10/10/96 Approach to the diagnosis of soft tissue tumors  Kempson, Richard
10/03/96 Growth factors as targets in cancer therapy  Wellstein, Anton
09/26/96 Engineering allografts to improve long-term survival  Noga, Stephen
09/19/96 Fatty acid synthesis: a potential drug target in mycobacteria  Dick, James D
09/12/96 telEMEducation, teleMEDucation, teleMEDUcation  Trelstad, Robert
09/05/96 Telomerase activity in follicular neoplasms of the thyroid  Westra, William & Umbricht Chris
07/25/96 Chromosomal aberrations in malignant melanoma  Duray, Paul
07/18/96 HIV vertical transmission in Uganda  Jackson, J. Brooks
07/11/96 Mucinous borderline tumors of the ovary  Kurman, Robert
06/27/96 The department of defense DNA registry  Weedn, Cictor
06/20/96 Myelomeningocele  Hutchins, Grover
06/13/96 Small B lymphocytic leukemia/lymphoma  Brunning, Richard D
06/06/96 Diagnosis and management of osteosarcoma  McCarthy, Edward
05/30/96 Jumping on the diagnostic bandwagon  Silverstein, Arthur
05/16/96 Cyclosporin-induced autoimmunity  Hess, Allan D
05/09/96 From hemolysis to hypertension: new roles for the spectrin skeleton  Morrow, Jon S
05/02/96 Stereotactic brain biopsy  Burger, Peter C
04/25/96 Molecular genetics of breast cancer  Sukumar, Saraswati
04/18/96 Molecular genetics of colorectal cancer  Hamilton, Stanley
04/11/96 Aspiration cytology of the thyroid  Atkinson, Barbara
04/04/96 Diagnostic dilemmas in the cutaneous graft-versus host reaction  Horn, Thomas
03/21/96 Pathogenesis of tubercolosis: tissue damaging delayed-type hypersensitivity and cell-mediated immunity  Dannenberg, Arthur
03/14/96 Potential dormancy genes in M. tubercolosis  Bishai, William R
03/07/96 Mechanisms of growth regulation during liver regeneration  Fausto, Nelson
02/29/96 Fetal and neonatal thrombocytopenia: clinical and pathologic aspects  Kickler, Thomas S
02/22/96 Genetics, aging and environmental toxicants in neurodegenerative disease  Graham, Doyle
02/15/96 Internet tools for pathology  Miller, Robert
02/08/96 Assuring the safety of blood transfusion  Ness, Paul
02/01/96 Development of immunotherapeutic strategies for HPV-related cervical malignancies  Wu, Tzyy-Choou
01/25/96 Unbiased analysis of brain structure changes in aging and Alzheimer's  Mouton, Peter
01/18/96 Cell adhesion molecules are involved in retrovirus biology  Hildreth, James
01/04/96 Alternative splicing of the pre-mRNA for a red cell membrane protein during erythroid differentiation  Benz, Edward