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Date Title Speaker Short Topic Speaker
12/18/97 Autoimmunity molecular impressionism  Rosen, Antony
12/11/97 Malignant lymphomas: WHO is the REAL classification? An overview with historical perspective  Mann, Risa
12/04/97 Overview of cancer genetic testing  Petersen, Gloria M
11/20/97 Contemporary concepts on the clinical laboratory evaluation of autoimmune diseases  Nakamura, Robert M
11/13/97 Cytopathologic diagnosis of early lung cancer  Erozan, Yener S
11/06/97 The role of the medical examiner  Smialek, John
10/30/97 Molecular changes of pp32 in prostate cancer  Pasternack, Gary
10/23/97 The inception of lung adenocarcinoma: evolving concepts  Westra, William
10/16/97 Sky is the limit: advances in solid tumor cytogenetics  Griffin, Constance
10/09/97 Of men and knock-out mice: studies of leukocyte-endothelial adhesion  Cotran, Ramzi S
10/02/97 Pancreatic cancer  Yeo, Charles
09/25/97 The pathologist at the cutting edge of bone tumor treatment  Huvos, Andrew G
09/18/97 HIV-induced B-cell activation and lymphomagenesis  Silberstein, Leslie
09/11/97 Pathological aspects of male fertility  Jarrow, Jonathan P
09/04/97 Enteroviral pathogenesis: emerging concepts  McManus, Bruce
07/31/97 Radiation injury among the Japanese atomic bomb survivors: some unresolved issues  Anderson, Robert
07/24/97 Case presentation  Burger, Peter C
07/17/97 Complement: a pathologist view  Baldwin, William
07/10/97 Germ cell tumors  Perlman, Elizabeth
07/03/97 The role of clinician and pathologist in the diagnosis of liver disease  Boitnott, John and Herlong, Franklin
06/26/97 Biologic prognostic factors and acute lymphocytic leukemia  Borowitz, Michael J
06/19/97 Analysis of gene expression in yeast and cancer with SAGE  Velculescu, Victor
06/12/97 HGF, hepatocyte growth factor and differentiation  Michalopolous, George K
06/06/97 Non-palpable prostate cancer diagnosed on needle biopsy: can we predict the insignificant tumors?  Epstein, Jonathan
05/29/97 Liposarcoma: current concepts  Weiss, Sharon W
05/22/97 Genetic markers of breast cancer progression  Gabrielson, Edward
05/15/97 Diagnostic issues in animal pathology  Strandberg, John D
05/08/97 Thrombosis and tumors: Trousseau's revisited  Bell, William R
05/01/97 Watching the birds: some thoughts on food microbiology and human disease  Morris, Glenn
04/24/97 Fine needle aspiration of breast  Ljung, Britt-Marie
04/17/97 Pathology practice in the academic setting: does it have a future?  Benson, Ellis
04/03/97 Will there ever be a silicon valley in Maryland?  Leslie, Stuart W
03/27/97 Hypermethyolation and the inactivation of tumor suppressor genes  Baylin, Stephen B
03/20/97 Microdissecting the molecular stages of cancer progression  Liotta, Lance A
03/13/97 Woman MD: issues, perspectives and choices  Johns, Carol
03/06/97 Erythropoietin physiology and pathophysiology  Spivak, Jerry
02/27/97 Adrenoleukodystrophy  Moser, Hugo
02/20/97 The new generation of blood components  McCullough, Jeffrey M
02/13/97 The significance of atypical cells of undetermined significance in cervical cytology  Bonfiglio, Thomas
02/06/97 Transcriptional control of adipocyte differentiation and obese gene expression  Lane, Daniel M
01/30/97 The pathology intranet: online conferences, digital image management and more  Miller, Robert
01/23/97 Pathogenesis of oculr inflammatory disease  Prendergast, Robert A
01/16/97 Combining epidemiology and pathology in the study of gynecologic cancers  Schiffman, Mark H
01/09/97 Immune barriers to discordant xenograft rejection  Sanfilippo, Fred