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Date Title Speaker Short Topic Speaker
12/17/98 Applied basic research in the pharmaceutical sector  Stein, Robert S
12/10/98 Fc receptors: versatile functions in development, health and disease  Lynch, Richard G
12/03/98 Fatty acid synthesis and the cell cycle  Pizer, Ellen
11/19/98 New concepts/old diseases: old concepts/new diseases  Merz, William G
11/12/98 Pathobiology of neutrophil epithelial interactions  Madara, James
11/05/98 Barret esophagus and adenocarcinoma  Wu, Tsung-Teh
10/29/98 Sources of variation in clinical severity of sickle cell disease  Dover, George J
10/22/98 Novel strategies for analysis and modulation of antigen-specific immune responses: from bench to almost the bedside  Schneck, Jonathan
10/15/98 Issues facing pathology in the next millenium  Sanfilippo, Fred
10/08/98 Biology and analysis of HIV-1 drug resistance  Eshleman, Susan
10/01/98 Use of blood substitutes in elective surgery  Ness, Paul
09/24/98 Antibiotic peptidesas agents of mucosal host defense  Bevins, Charles E
09/17/98 Early stages in the pathology of Alzheimer's disease  Troncoso, Juan C
09/10/98 The pathologist as an information specialist  Weinstein, Ronald S
07/30/98 Pathogenesis and future treatment of myasthenia gravis  Drachman, Daniel
07/23/98 Stem cell characteristics of benign and malignant prostate epithelial cells  DeMarzo, Angelo M
07/16/98 Pediatric renal tumors  Argani, Pedram
07/09/98 Markers of myocardial injury in the emergency department  Green, Gary B
07/02/98 Medicine and the humanities  McCarthy, Edward
06/25/98 Vascular injury in transplantation  Pober, Jordan
06/18/98 The interstitial pneumonias  Katzenstein, Anna-Luise
06/11/98 Prognostic markers in colorectal cancer  Hamilton, Stanley
06/04/98 Mucin producing tumors of the pancreas: cystic and intraductal neoplasms  Klimstra, David S
05/28/98 The role of Chlamydia pneumonia in atherosclerosis: fact or fiction  Quinn, Thomas C
05/21/98 Adhesive signaling properties of PECAM-1  Newman, Peter J
05/14/98 Pseudomyxoma peritonei: dispelling the myths  Ronnett, Brigitte M
05/07/98 Rickettsial diseases: mechanisms of immunity and pathogenesis  Walker, David H
04/30/98 Fine needle aspiration of lymph nodes  Ramzy, Ibrahim
04/23/98 High performance computing in pathology  Saltz, Joel
04/16/98 Papilloma virus: from genes to vaccines  Schlegel, Richard
04/09/98 Premalignant breast disease  Page, David
04/02/98 Graft versus host disease  Vogelsang, Georgia
03/26/98 The new WHO/IASLC classification of neuroendocrine lung cancer  Travis, William D
03/19/98 Past, present and future technologies in pathology photography  Lund, Raymond
03/12/98 Ontogeny and differentiation of murine natural killer cells and their receptors  Kumar, Vinay
02/26/98 A look at medical illustration  Phelps, Timothy H
02/19/98 Cancer vaccines for the new millenium  Jaffe, Elizabeth M
02/12/98 Molecular ethics: the medical ethics pf genetics diagnostics and genetic engineering  Silva, Fred G
02/12/98 Molecular ethics: the medical ethics of genetic diagnostics and genetic engineering  Silva, Fred G
02/05/98 Immunological events in infection with intracellular pathogenetic bacteria  Unanue, Emil
01/29/98 Genetically engineered animal models of Alzheimer's disease and ALS  Price, Donald L
01/22/98 myc target genes in apoptosis and neoplasia  Dang, Chi Van
01/15/98 Differential diagnosis of interstitial pneumonia  Askin, Fred
01/08/98 Mutator phenotypes in colorectal cancer  Eshleman, James