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Date Title Speaker Short Topic Speaker
12/16/99 Things go better with coke (and alcohol)  Bailey, David N
12/09/99 Issues and advances in TB diagnostic tests  Woods, Gail
12/02/99 Dr. William H. Welch: a life in medicine  Brieger, Gert
11/18/99 What is it, if it's not lymphoma  Mann, Risa
11/04/99 The role of the pathologist in reporting prostate needle biopsies  Epstein, Jonathan
10/28/99 Cytopathology of bone lesions: an integrated radiographic and cytologic approach to diagnosis  Teot, Lisa
10/21/99 Internet Medicine  Lundberg, George D
10/14/99 Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva  Gannon, Frank
10/07/99 Vascular tumors of soft tissue  Montgomery, Elizabeth
09/30/99 Advances in the prevention of HIV-1 vertical transmission  Guay, Laura
09/23/99 The cellular pathology of cutaneous graft vs host disease  Murphy, George F
09/16/99 The pathologist perspective on agents of biological warfare and biological terrorism  Marty, Aileen
09/09/99 A new paradigm for the Pap test: Pap smears are all wet  Rosenthal, Dorothy
09/02/99 Contributions of apoptosis and necrosis to acute and delayed neurodegeneration  Martin, Lee J
07/22/99 Structure-function relationships, biochemistry and clinical utility of different forms of prostate-specific antigen hK3 and glandular kallikrein-2  Lilja, Hans
07/15/99 Point-of-care testing: is faster really better?  Nichols, James H
07/08/99 Genomics and pathology  Gabrielson, Edward
07/01/99 Myocarditis: infection and autoimmunity  Rose, Noel R
06/17/99 The future of pathology: emerging models for interactive health care nad the molecular classification of disease  Becich, Michael J
06/11/99 Cytogenetic/Molecular classification of oligodendrogliomas  Burger, Peter C
06/03/99 Autoimmune thyroiditis  Caturegli, Patrizio
05/20/99 The world of chinese medicine  Shery, Li
05/13/99 Chondrosarcoma of bone: the MD Anderson experience  Ayala, Alberto G.
05/06/99 Insight into the organization of normal human interphase nuclei  Koss, Leopold G
04/29/99 William Stewart Halsted: Hopkins surgical heritage  Cameron, John L
04/22/99 Outpatient parathyroidectomy: clinical chemistry in the OR  Udelsman and Sokoll
04/15/99 Medulloblastoma: histologic and molecular subtypes  Burger, Peter C
04/08/99 Desmoplastic small round cell tumor  Gerald, William L
04/01/99 Molecular markeers of pancreas cancer  Goggins, Michael
03/18/99 Anatomic radical prostatectomy: evolution of surgical technique  Walsh, Patrick
03/11/99 Effective pulmonary immune regulation: fighting infection while avoiding lung pathology  Lipscomb, Mary F
03/04/99 Development of prophylactic vaccines against cervical cancer  Roden, Richard
02/25/99 Chemoprevention of hepatocellular carcinoma: experimental and clinical approaches  Kensler, Thomas W
02/18/99 Granulocyte transfusion 1999: cytokines stimulated cells, enthusiasm and expectations  Klein, Harvey G
02/11/99 The biology, chemistry and clinical pathology of prostate specific antigen  Chan, Daniel W
02/04/99 Pediatric brain tumors: clinical evaluation  Carson, Benjamin
01/28/99 Thrombopoiesis and thrombopoietins: update on cellular and clinical biology  Racke, Frederick K
01/21/99 Pathogenesis of measles virus infection: new insights to an old foe  Valsamakis, Alexandra
01/14/99 Innovation in cancer diagnostics and therapy  Schwartz, Morton
01/07/99 The use of differential gene expression in clasisfication and grading of gliomas  Tihan, Tarik