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Current Year's Grand Rounds »

Date Title Speaker Short Topic Speaker
12/14/00 Cellular mechanisms of apoptosis in AIDS and cancer pathogenesis  McDonald, Jay
12/07/00 Can we eliminate the borderline category? How molecular cytogenetics might help  Staebler, Annette
11/30/00 A special case presentation  Burger, Peter C
11/16/00 GeneLogic: the facts and the fantasy  Berg, Karen
11/09/00 Platelets, leviticus and biotechnology  Kickler, Thomas S
11/02/00 Mucosal prolapse syndrome of the gastrointestinal tract  Bhagavan, Belur
10/26/00 Mycobacteria and the riddle of the eights  Dick, James D
10/19/00 EBV and Hodgkin's disease  Ambinder, Richard F
10/12/00 Laboratory outreach from academic medical centers: supports for missions in research, education adn practice  Wold, Lester E
10/05/00 Biochemistry of bone formation and resorption: clinical applications of new bone markers  Luppa, Peter B
09/28/00 The registry of bone sarcoma: a history  McCarthy, Edward
09/21/00 Mass spectrometry in disease marker discovery  Palmer-Toy, Darryl E
09/14/00 The emergence of tick-borne human granulocytic ehrlichiosis: mechanisms of disease  Dumler, Stephen J
09/07/00 New web-based teaching tools for the department  Miller, Robert
07/27/00 Transplantation. An inflammatory view  Baldwin, William
07/20/00 The dysplastic nevus. What now?  Barret, Terry L
07/13/00 Phenotypic and genotypic disparity in head and neck carcinoma: of calm waters and crocodiles  Westra, William
07/06/00 The skinny on fatty acid in the brain: fatty acid synthase as a new target for weight loss therapy  Kuhajada, Frank
06/29/00 Odontogenic tumors. An overview  Sciubba, James
06/22/00 OTL operations, strategic planning 2000  Tew, William
06/15/00 Scientific visualization, spanning the scales: from astrophysics to brain mapping  Pailthorpe, Bernard
06/08/00 Oxidative stress and atherosclerosis  Jialal, Ishwarlal
06/01/00 Renal cysts and cystic disease  Bhagavan, Belur
05/18/00 Clamydia pneumonia and atherosclerosis  Quinn, Thomas C
05/11/00 Pathogenesis of SIV encephalitis  Zink, Christine
05/04/00 Cytology of thyroid follicular lesions  Kini, Sudha R
04/27/00 Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva. Why do some patients have wo skeletons?  Gannon, Frank
04/20/00 Pathogenesis of cryptosporidiosis: from SNPs to cytoskeleton  Clark, Douglas P
04/13/00 Neoplastic progression in ulcerative colitis  Haggitt, Rodger C
04/06/00 Minimal residual disease detection in acute lymphoblastic leukemia  Borowitz, Michael J
03/23/00 Alternative gene use in prostate cancer  Pasternack, Gary
03/16/00 Value and limitations of aspiration cytology of the breast  Ali, Syed
03/09/00 Rheostatic modulation of T cells: turning the dial up and down with chimeric proteins  Tykocinski, Mark
03/02/00 Diagnostic pitfalls in oral and maxillofacial pathology  Corio, Russel L
02/24/00 Update on pancreatic cancer  Hruban, Ralph H
02/17/00 Human prion diseases  Gambetti, Pierluigi
02/10/00 Current infectious risks of blood transfusion and impact of recent implementation of HIV and HCV RNA screening  Busch, Michael P
02/03/00 Integrating clinical, pathology and functional genomic research data: toward better understanding and treatment of disease  Bova, Stephen G
01/27/00 The changing faces of the nephrotic syndrome  Haas, Mark
01/20/00 Breast cancer is not a single disease  Gabrielson, Edward
01/13/00 Decision making & soft tissue tumors  Frassica, Frank J