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Date Title Speaker Short Topic Speaker
12/25/06 "Cancelled - Holiday"
12/18/06 "Immunopathology in Tuberculosis: Who's to Blame Pathogen or Host?" William R. Bishai, M.D., Ph.D. Dr. Alex Chang
12/11/06 "Rett Syndrome and MeCP2 Mutations: The Continuous Saga of Genotype-Phenotype Correlations" Walter E. Kaufmann, M.D. Dr. Janis Taube
12/04/06 "From Tangier Disease to Super HDL: A 40-Year Journey" Cpt. Alan T. Remaley, M.D., Ph.D. Dr. Joseph Maleszewski
11/27/06 "Topical HIV Microbicide Development: Evolving Challenges" Craig W. Hendrix, M.D. Dr. Zarir Karanjawala
11/20/06 "Investigating the Role of Hypoxia-Inducible Factor 1 in Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease" Gregg L. Semenza, M.D., Ph.D. Dr. Julie Wu
11/13/06 "Familial Risk Prediction: Examples from Colon, Pancreas and Breast Cancer" Giovanni Parmigiani, M.D. Dr. Chanjuan Shi
11/06/06 "Primary and Secondary Glioblastoma: From Concepts to Clinical Diagnosis" Paul Kleihues, M.D. Dr. Hywyn Churchill
10/30/06 "The Papanicolaou Test: Past, Present, and Future" Helen Hai-Ling Wang, M.D., Ph.D. Dr. Priya Banerjee
10/23/06 "Using Drosophilia to Understand the Gastrointestinal System and Its Stem Cells" Allan C. Spradling, Ph.D. Dr. Janis Taube
10/16/06 "ADAMTS13, von Willebrand Factor, and Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura" David Ginsberg, M.D. Dr. Toby Cornish
10/09/06 "Proteomics and Biomarker Development: Application to Myocardial Ischemia" Jennifer Van Eyk, Ph.D. Dr. Alexandra Hristov
10/02/06 "Sensitive Detection of Methylation Markers in Breast Cancer Using QM-MSP" Mary Jo Fackler, Ph.D. Dr. Kathryn Johnson
09/25/06 "Pathophysiology of Acute Renal Failure" Michael Kashgarian, M.D. Dr. Steve Cheung
09/18/06 "Cardiac Differentiation and Repair: Lessons from Embryonic Stem Cells" Charles E. Murry, M.D., Ph.D. Dr. Shien Micchelli
09/11/06 "Careers in Academic Medicine" Ralph H. Hruban, M.D. Dr. Jeffrey Iding
09/04/06 No Rounds - Holiday
08/28/06 Summer Hiatus - No Rounds
08/21/06 Summer Hiatus - No Rounds
08/14/06 Summer Hiatus - No Rounds
08/07/06 Summer Hiatus - No Rounds
07/31/06 "Genomic Features of Pancreatic Cancer Metastasis" Christine A. Iacobuzio-Donahue, M.D. Dr. Jeff Schowinsky
07/24/06 "The Warburg Effect: Cancer's Molecular Sweet Tooth" Jung Whan Kim, D.V.M., Ph.D. Dr. Ashlie Burkart
07/17/06 "Columnar Cell Lesions of the Breast" Olga B. Ioffe, M.D. Dr. Joshua Wisell
07/10/06 "The Role of CDKN2A and SV40 in Malignant Mesothelioma" Peter B. Illei, M.D. Dr. Marc Lewin
06/26/06 "Variability in Platelet Aspirin Responsiveness" Nauder Faraday, M.D. Joon Tae Park
06/19/06 "Can We Learn More About Kidney Disease From Urinary Proteomics?" Glen L. Hortin, M.D., Ph.D. Sarah Brennan
06/12/06 "Pathology Young Investigators Day Awardees 2006" and "Electronic Submission of Grant Applications" Isamu Z. Hartman, Graduate Student; Kedar Narayan, Graduate Student; Alexandra C. Hristov, M.D.; Janis M. Taube, M.D.; and Michael Amey, Associate Dean for Research Administration
06/05/06 "Bronchiolocentric Interstitial Pneumonias" Samuel A. Yousem, M.D. Annaka Lorincz
05/29/06 Cancelled - HOLIDAY!
05/22/06 "Biomarker Discovery in Nipple Aspiration Fluid" Jinong Li, Ph.D. Kris Helke
05/15/06 THE SHELLEY MEMORIAL LECTURE: "The Thyroid Nodule 2006: Diagnosis and Management Update" Sylvia L. Asa, M.D., Ph.D., FRCP(C), FCAP
05/01/06 "Research Translation in Laboratory Medicine" Mario Plebani, M.D. Kaz Murata
04/24/06 "Medicine and Art" Edward F. McCarthy, M.D. Jonathan Yu
04/17/06 "Complement and Macrophages in Antibody-Mediated Rejection" William M. Baldwin, III, M.D., Ph.D. Dr. Priya Banerjee
04/10/06 "Minimal Residual Disease in Childhood ALL" Michael J. Borowitz, M.D., Ph.D. Dr. Amy Duffield
04/03/06 "Predicting the Future: The Use of Predictive Markers in Breast Cancer" Antonio C. Wolff, M.D., FACP Dr. Julie Wu
03/27/06 "Epigenetic Gene Silencing - A Key Player in the Initiation and Maintenance of Cancer" Stephen B. Baylin, M.D. Dr. Joseph Maleszewski
03/20/06 "Proteomics for Identification of Biomarkers and Therapeutic Targets in Pancreatic Cancer" Akhilesh Pandel, M.D., Ph.D. Dr. Terina Chen
03/13/06 "On the Road to Cancer - DNA Copy Number Changes in Ovarian Cancer" Tian-Li Wang, M.D. Dr. Chanjuan Shi
03/06/06 "Beyond the PAP Test: Emerging Molecular Tools in Cervical Cancer Screening" Karen Gustafson, M.D. Dr. Jeffrey Iding
02/27/06 "Department of Defense Experience with Acinetobacter Infections in the Medical Evacuation of Patients from Operation Iraqi Freedom" Colonel David W. Craft, PhD, D(ABMM) Dr. Toby Cornish
02/20/06 "The Fate of T Regulatory Cells After Bone Marrow Transplant" Paria Mirmonsef Dr. Danielle Wehle
02/13/06 Cancelled Due to USCAP Meeting
02/06/06 "Laboratory Tests for Diagnosis and Monitoring of Hepatitis C Infection" D. Robert Dufour, M.D. Dr. Lisa Stoll
01/30/06 "Site-Specific Metastasis Genes and Functions" Joan Massague, Ph.D. Dr. Jeff Schowinsky
01/23/06 "Head and Neck Cancer: Old Problems, New Solutions" William H. Westra, M.D. Dr. Michael Johnson
01/16/06 No Grand Rounds Today
01/09/06 "The Use of Second Opinions in Diagnostic Anatomic Pathology: A Controversial & Emotional Topic" Jonathan Epstein, M.D. Dr. Ashlie Burkhart
01/02/06 No grand Rounds Today