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Current Year's Grand Rounds »

Date Title Speaker Short Topic Speaker
12/25/17 Happy Holidays! – No Grand Rounds
12/18/17 Update on new predictive and prognostic breast cancer biomarkers. Andrea Richardson, MD, PhD Ankit Rajgariah, MD
12/11/17 Enzyme activating autoantibodies in severe rheumatoid arthritis Erika Darrah, PhD Tricia Cottrell, MD, PhD
12/04/17 Preventing Discrimination & Harassment Joy Gaslevic, J.D. & Linda M. Boyd, J.D. Kevan Salimian, MD, PhD
11/27/17 Thanksgiving Holiday – NO GRAND ROUNDS
11/20/17 The Flipped Classroom and Other Modes of Active Learning: What, Why, and How Mike Borowitz, MD, PhD Robby Jones, MD
11/13/17 Applying Next-Generation Diagnostics in Clinical Microbiology Patricia J. Simner, MSc, PhD Alisha Gordy, MD
11/06/17 Medicolegal Issues for Pathologists: General Aspects and Specific Cases Relating to Genitourinary Pathology Jonathan Epstein, M.D. Tasha Larman, MD
10/30/17 The X cell: A novel lymphocyte that holds paradigm-altering clues into pathogenesis of Type 1 Diabetes Abdel Rahim Hamad, PhD Lais Osmani, MD
10/23/17 Changes in Health Care affecting Anatomic Pathology. An experience Carlos Urmacher, MD, FCAP, FASCP Paul Morris, MD, PhD
10/16/17 Clinical Updates in Rare Epithelial Ovarian Cancers Amanda Nickles Fader, MD Danielle Hutchings, MD
10/09/17 Chromatin architecture and histone dynamics at eukaryotic gene promoters Carl Wu, AM, PhD Jason Denney, MD
10/06/17 The Trouble with Fat: Diagnostic Issues with Well-Differentiated Lipomatous Tumors John R. Goldblum, MD
10/02/17 The role of the immune system in biomaterial response and tissue repair Jennifer H. Elisseeff, PhD Michael Haffner, MD, PhD
09/25/17 Epigenetic stochasticity in normal development and cancer Andrew P. Feinberg, MD, MPH James Miller, MD, MPH
09/18/17 Update on Blood Management and Evidence-based Transfusion Practice Steven M. Frank MD Angel Li, MD
09/11/17 A ubiquitin-dependent signaling pathway specific for alkylation damage Nima Mosammaparast, MD, PhD Elise Gelwan, MD
07/17/17 Evolution of Cancer Germline Testing: New Opportunities and Existing Challenges Kala Visvanathan, MD, MHS
07/10/17 Necropolitics: Humanities and Pathologies Joshua Smith, PhD Chiefs (intern intros)
07/03/17 4th of July holiday - No Grand Rounds
06/26/17 Various topics Graduate Student Talks
06/19/17 Microbial Mediators of Prostate Carcinogenesis Karen S. Sfanos, PhD Nick Rogers, MD
06/12/17 Various Topics Graduate Student Talks Caitlin Alexander, MD, MPH
06/09/17 Biennial Lecture: Cardiovascular tissue engineering using 3D printing technology Narutoshi Hibino, MD, PhD
06/05/17 Cancelled due to biennial
05/29/17 Memorial Day Holiday - No Grand Rounds
05/22/17 Various Topics Outstanding Award Winners of Pathology Young Investigators' Day
05/15/17 Collaborations Between Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory and Hopkins Medicine Sezin Palmer, MS Robert Moore, MD
05/08/17 Synthetic Clearance (SynC): Engineering cells to become phagocytic against cancer cells, bacteria, amyloids and cholesterols Takanari Inoue, PhD Daniel Miller, MD, PhD
05/01/17 Music in Medicine Edward McCarthy, MD Jackie Birkness, MD
04/24/17 The Dual Role of Asporin in the Tumor Microenvironment Paula Hurley, PhD Amy Plotkin, MD, PhD
04/17/17 Easter Holiday - No Grand Rounds
04/10/17 Lynch Syndrome in the Female Genital Tract: Where Are We Now and Where Are We Headed?” Teri Longacre, MD
04/03/17 Moving toward competency-based advancement: EPAs in medical education Deborah Powell, MD
03/27/17 Purifying perivascular progenitors: Efforts in bone tissue engineering Aaron James, MD, PhD Ankit Rajgariah, MD
03/20/17 Breast Cancer Immunotherapy: Building on Clinical Success Leisha Emens, MD, PhD Eugene Brooks, MD
03/13/17 Roman Vishniac: The Curious Microscopist Norman Barker, MA, MS, RBP
02/27/17 Ecological clues to cancer metastasis Kenneth J. Pienta, MD Mark Hopkins, MD
02/13/17 Modeling human brain development and Zika infection using hiPSCs Guo-Li Ming, MD, PhD David Borzik, MD
02/06/17 Keratin proteins and the regulation of homeostasis and gene expression in complex epithelia Pierre A. Coulombe, PhD Karin Miller, MD
01/30/17 Transcriptional control of the epithelial organ form and function Deborah J. Andrew, PhD Maryam Shabihkhani, MD
01/23/17 AR-V7 as a prognostic marker and therapeutic target in advanced prostate cancer Emmanuel Antonarakis, MD Kevan Salimian, MD, PhD
01/09/17 Prenatal Genetics: Past, Present and Future Angie Jelin, MD Robby Jones, MD