Anatomic Pathology Consultation Services

To send consult slides:

If you are a pathologist or clinician/physician, please complete the Consultation request form.

Forward slides by courier or express mail to:

Johns Hopkins Medical Laboratories
1620 McElderry Street
Reed Hall Room 315
Baltimore, MD 21205
Phone 410-955-2405
Fax 410-614-7712

To order tests, confer with faculty or handle processing and billing inquiries, please call Customer Service at 1-800-997-5475.

The Johns Hopkins Medical Laboratory provides world-recognized expertise in Surgical Pathology and Cytopathology consultation. The following features have been incorporated into our consult service to better serve our consulting physicians:

  • Broad expertise in virtually all specialties
  • Direct line to responsive central receptionist to handle inquiries
  • Prompt response
    • Automatic faxed notification that cases have been received
    • Two-to-three-day turnaround on cases not requiring additional studies
    • Reports automatically faxed and hard copies sent when case is signed out
  • Automatic return of all slides and paraffin blocks, by Federal Express, unless permission granted by consulting physician

Consultation Directory


Barbara Crain, MD, Phd;

Bone pathology

Edward McCarthy, MD

Breast pathology

Pedram Argani, MD Ashley Cimino-Mathews, MD

Cardiac pathology

Charles Steenbergen, MD, Phd; Marc Halushka, MD, Phd


Syed Ali, MD; Peter Illei, MD; Zahra Maleki, MD; Matthew Olson, MD; Christopher VandenBussche, MD,PhD

Dermatopathology & Oral Pathology

Dr. Janis Taube, Dr. Walter Rush, Dr. Gary Warnock


Elizabeth A. Montgomery, MD; Ralph Hruban, MD

Gynecological pathology

Robert Kurman, MD; Brigitte Ronnett, MD; Russell Vang, MD

Head & Neck pathology

William Westra, MD; Justin Bishop, MD

Liver pathology

John Boitnott, MD; Laura Wood, MD, PhD

Hematopathology and Flow Cytometry

Michael Borowitz, MD, PhD; Christopher Gocke, MD; Milena Vuica-Ross, MD; Amy Duffield, MD; Kathleen H. Burns, M.D., Ph.D.


Peter Burger, MD; Barbara Crain, MD, Phd; Juan Troncoso, MD; Fausto Rodriguez, MD

Ophthalmologic Pathology

Charles Eberhart, MD, Phd

Pancreas / Biliary pathology

Ralph Hruban, MD

Pediatric pathology

Frederic Askin, MD

Pulmonary pathology

Frederic Askin, MD

Renal pathology

Lorraine Racusen, MD; Serena Bagnasco MD

Soft Tissue pathology

Elizabeth Montgomery, MD

Urologic pathology

Jonathan I. Epstein, MD; George Netto, MD Tamara Lotan, MD;

Other cases

Jonathan I. Epstein, MD