Breast Pathology

The Breast Pathology Service is a key component of our comprehensive strategy for the early diagnosis and treatment of breast disease at Hopkins. Because of our collaboration with the hospital's team of clinical specialists in breast disease, we can provide pathologists, referring physicians and patients with expert diagnoses as well as guidance on appropriate management. In addition to diagnostic consultation, we provide quality assurance reviews for laboratories that want quality assurance monitoring.


The Breast Pathology Service was established in 1997 as a key element of the Breast Center, which emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach to the care of patients with breast disease. We consult regularly with the Breast Center's team of surgeons, radiologists and oncologists, and with other pathology specialists to diagnose breast disease, assess its status and address issues of appropriate care. The multi-disciplinary Breast Center Group meets each Wednesday at 5pm in the Weinberg Cancer Center to discuss specific patient diagnoses and treatment options. We have extensive experience interpreting surgical pathology specimens and fine needle aspirations of cases ranging from early borderline disease to the most advanced stage cancer. Through our work with radiologists in the Breast Center specializing in radiologically-guided breast biopsy techniques, we have developed considerable experience in the diagnosis of needle core biopsies.


Expert Consultation
Dr. Pedram Argani is director and principal consultant of the Breast Pathology Service and is also a member of the steering committee of the Breast Center. He is internationally recognized as an expert anatomic pathologist.

Special capabilities and services
The Johns Hopkins Breast Service is supported by the full resources of the medical center which includes a large team of experienced surgical and cytopathologists and a team of expert radiologists and clinicians. Our full-service immunohistochemistry laboratory provides analysis of ER/PR expression, Her 2-neu overexpression, proliferation and other markers. The Pathology Department has extensive experience in diagnosing all types of breast specimens, including core needle biopsies.

Timely Results

We provide written reports by fax within 24 hours after we receive the samples, if further immuno stains are not required. Dr. Argani generally includes a letter with pathology consult reports explaining the findings, and he is available for telephone consultations. Office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., E.S.T., Monday through Friday.

For diagnostic interpretations, please send the pathology slides and your pathology report. To avoid unnecessary delays in performing receptor analyses or other immunohistochemical tests, we need a representative paraffin block as well as slides.


Dr. Pedgram Argani

Pedram Argani, M.D.


Education and Training

Professional Interests
Breast Pathology and Biliary Pathology

Major Professional Leadership
Director of Immunohistochemistry Laboratory, Johns Hopkins Hospital
Web Master, Bile Duct and Gallbladder Cancer Web


To order, call the Consult office at 1-800-997-5475 between 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m.

For diagnostic interpretations, send pathology slides and X-rays, if relevant. For receptor analyses or other immunohistochemical tests, send representative paraffin blocks as well as slides.

IMPORTANT NOTE - Unstained Slides Requirement

Note that all tissue (unstained slides) must be submitted on a plus charged slide. The Immunopathology Laboratory recommends a white plus charged slide that is available from Cardinal Health. The catalogue number for the white plus slide is M6159-6, however one must specify to the vendor whether to order as one gross (pack of 144 slides), one case (10 packs per case).

Pathologic diagnosis of breast specimens:
Estrogen/progesterone receptor analysis
Evaluation of proliferation and prognostic/predictive markers (Ki-67, Her 2-neu)

Turnaround time is routinely within 24 hours after we receive the samples, if further immuno stains are not required. .

Special Ordering Instructions

To send consult slides
Forward slides by courier or express mail to:
Johns Hopkins Medical Laboratories
1620 McElderry Street
Reed Hall Rm 315
Baltimore, MD 21205
Phone 410-955-2405
Fax 410-367-2404