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Pediatric Pathology

The Pediatric Pathology Service is widely recognized for its breadth of diagnostic expertise covering a wide variety of diseases involving children of all ages, fetuses and placentas. In collaboration with specialists in a number of disciplines, the service provides assistance to physicians and others seeking consults for pediatric surgical and autopsy pathology specimens, including placentas. The available experience offers valuable support in the form of second opinions and helps physicians predict patient prognosis. Additionally, specialty testing on pediatric specimens is offered for small blue cell tumors, trisomies and sex chromosomal changes, pediatric leukemias and lymphomas, and a wide range of infectious disorders.


The Pediatric Pathology Service at Johns Hopkins was established in 1990 and has grown to include six key members, each with nationally recognized expertise. Our collaboration with intra- and extra-departmental specialists in a broad range of subjects and techniques offers the most accurate diagnosis to benefit patients and their families. Testing to confirm genetic abnormalities, which is is also available, may provide comfort to families. Additionally, we receive many consults through our affiliation with the Pediatric Oncology Group (POG), a multi-institutional, therapeutic trials organization.

Special capabilities and services

The Service offers access to a variety of specialized tests not readily available at most other medical centers. These include:

Timely Results

Written reports of results for routine light microscopy and for most immunohistochemical stains are faxed to contributors within 2-3 days; faster in an emergency. For specialized molecular techniques, please call to discuss optimal tissue submission and timing of results.

Turnaround time is routinely 24-48 hours for light microscopic evaluation. Material sent for consultation will be returned to contributors within two weeks.

Special Ordering Instructions

Standard Specimen Processing
The laboratory provides expert evaluation of pediatric specimens and placentas using light microscopy. Special testing via electron microscopy and immunohistochemistry will be used as appropriate. Studies can be performed on frozen, fresh or fixed tissue, or on blocks or slides prepared elsewhere.

IMPORTANT NOTE - Unstained Slides Requirement
Note that all tissue (unstained slides) must be submitted on a plus charged slide. The Immunopathology Laboratory recommends a white plus charged slide that is available from Cardinal Health. The catalogue number for the white plus slide is M6159-6, however one must specify to the vendor whether to order as one gross (pack of 144 slides), one case (10 packs per case).