Adult and Pediatric Pulmonary Pathology

The Adult and Pediatric Pulmonary Pathology Service specializes in the study and diagnosis of neoplastic and non-neoplastic lung diseases in children and adults. We consult with pathologists and adult and pediatric pulmonary physicians around the country seeking the most accurate diagnosis or second opinion for their patients.


The pulmonary pathology service at Hopkins was established in 1991 by Frederic B. Askin, M.D., who continues to direct it. A recognized authority in pediatric and adult lung pathology, with more than 25 years of experience in the field, Dr. Askin is also Chief of Pathology at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. The faculty includes another outstanding pulmonary pathologist; Peter Illei, MD.


Expert Consultation
Dr. Askin is frequently consulted for his expertise in both developmental and acquired pediatric lung disease and in pulmonary pathology in the adult patient. He has authored numerous articles on pulmonary disease, contributed to a number of textbooks on the subject, and co-authored two editions of The Surgical Pathology of Non-Neoplastic Lung Diseases. He teaches a course on lung pathology for organizations such as the American College of Chest Physicians and the American Thoracic Society. Additionally, he is one of a relatively small number of specialists with an interest in both non-neoplastic and neoplastic lung diseases. Among the former disorders are interstitial pneumonias, sarcoid, hypersensitivity reactions in the lung and pulmonary involvement in collagen vascular diseases, such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis.

Timely Results

Physicians may expect a call within 24 hours of our having received slides and appropriate clinical information, including lung function studies and radiographs and the name of the appropriate clinical physician. Paraffin blocks, which may be necessary if recuts for further tests or stains are required, can be discussed. For the best results, we recommend sending materials by overnight courier. Dr. Askin will consult by phone with physicians. Written reports are faxed, then mailed.

Special Ordering Instructions

Standard Specimen Processing
This laboratory provides expert evaluation of lower respiratory tract pathology specimens using light microscopy with immunohistochemistry and/or electron microscopy, as appropriate for each case.

Studies can be done on:
fresh tissue sent in appropriate medium
formalin-fixed tissue
slides cut from blocks of tissue, or on
slides appropriately prepared elsewhere.

Light microscopy