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Here is our Reflex Test List, research pricing and PDS tests with SOFT Orderable Test IDs. If you have any questions or comments, please contact phone 410-502-4360, fax 410-955-0394.

To send a consult

Forward slides by courier or express mail to:

Johns Hopkins Medical Laboratories
1620 McElderry Street
Reed Hall Room 315
Baltimore, MD 21205-1911
Phone 410-955-2405
Fax 410-367-2404

Please note: Wet tissue must have approval by the pathologist prior to submission.


When to call: To order or schedule tests, confer with faculty specialists or handle processing and billing inquiries.

How to access: Simply call 1-800-997-5475 8:00am - midnight, 7 days/week Professional and administrative staff can be reached between 8:30am and 5:00pm EST.

What to expect: The Customer Service Line is staffed by medical technologists who are familiar with tests or have immediate access to testing information. They will:

  • answer your questions or connect you with the lab for answers to technical questions
  • establish an account for diagnostic and consulting services
  • refer pricing questions to appropriate source
  • provide test information (collection, preparation, TAT) Lab Services Directory
  • arrange to get test results returned by fax, web or mail, as requested
  • connect you to professional staff for consultation
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