Clinical Studies/Clients Requiring Pathology Laboratory and Phlebotomy Services

  1. JHML offers phlebotomy, specimen processing and diagnostic testing for research studies and outside clients.
  2. JHML meets licensing standards of CLIA (ID numbers 21D0709511 and 21D0680509) and State of Maryland (permit numbers 008 and 471), CAP LAP1353001 and 1353003.
  3. Real time and/or batch testing can be accommodated.
  4. Samples that need to be centrifuged and aliquotted for shipping to a central testing facility may contact Genetic Resources Core Facility. The GRCF is a core resource of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Institute of Genetic Medicine.
  5. An account with the Department of Pathology may be obtained for the purpose of reporting and invoicing of laboratory services provided to a study, or to an outside entity. All Hopkins request must be submitted by completing APPLICATION FOR ACCOUNT NUMBER. All Outside request must be submitted by completing OUTSIDE APPLICATION FOR ACCOUNT. This account mechanism prevents study services from being billed to a Johns Hopkins patient account.
  6. Research discounted pricing applicable to a study account in Pathology can be obtained by sending a list of required study tests to phone 410-502-4360, fax 410-955-0394.
    *Please visit our research pricing page (below) first.

    Research pricing page for our most common tests.