Graduate Program in Pathobiology

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Instructions for Applying To the Graduate Program in Pathobiology

Please see the the electronic application to apply. Instructions for transcripts, forms and other materials are below.


The deadline for the application, GRE scores, transcripts and letters of recommendation is December 2, 2017.


Complete all items on the form. Please include a description (1-2 page maximum) of any prior research experience; and a description (1-2 page maximum) of your personal career goals. In addition, except where specific page limitations are noted, you may include extra information sheets to expand upon any answers where you feel it necessary. A photograph of you is optional.

Letter from Dr. Karen Sfanos
Click here for the Application General Instructions.

Application Fees
Online Application
$110.00 - 1 program
$125.00 - 2-3 programs
$150.00 - 4 or more programs

The application fee is $50.00 for Johns Hopkins University students currently enrolled in a degree program and for Johns Hopkins University employees. Payment must be made by credit card online.


Official transcripts or certified records of all college and/or university study (undergraduate and graduate) must be submitted. If you have attended more than one institution, transcripts from each institution must be forwarded to the Graduate Program in Pathobiology. If information on your current courses is not included in your transcript, send a list of your current courses as well as courses to be taken before beginning graduate study. If admitted, an official transcript from each institution you have attended showing proof of graduation and degree conferral will be required prior to matriculation. To be considered official, final transcripts must be sent:

1) by mail, directly from the institution in a sealed envelope, to the Office of Graduate Student Affairs, or
2) through a secure reporting service (ex: Parchment, Credentials eScriptSafe, National Student Clearinghouse (JHU SOM Graduate Student Affairs - 00207706gs).

We cannot accept electronic transcripts sent via regular email from registrars, or third-party entities in any other format, such as email links or links to secure website. Please direct electronic transcripts to the email:. Please note that transcripts will not be returned.


Request at least three faculty members who are acquainted with you and your academic work to send statements of your qualifications for graduate study to the Graduate Program in Pathobiology. These letters should comment on your aptitude and promise for independent research. Letters of recommendation must be submitted through the online recommendation system. Applicants will need to obtain the name and email address of the recommenders when completing the application. Please request your letters of recommendation from faculty members or other professionals who are acquainted with you and your academic work. These letters should comment on your aptitude and promise for independent research. See the list below for the number of letters required by each program.


GRE Scores (General Test) is required by the Pathobiology Graduate Program. Students should request that the results of the Graduate Record Examination be sent directly to the University, using the GRE INSTITUTION CODE: 5316.


It is advisable for prospective graduate students to estimate their total costs (tuition and living expenses) and relate them to their available sources of income. The average estimated total expense for the twelve-month academic year, including tuition is $88,226. Candidates accepted into the program are offered support that provides a tuition scholarship, medical insurance, and a stipend. The stipend for the academic year 2017-2018 is $31,936. Inquiries about financial aid (U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents only) may be addressed to The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Student Financial Aid Services, Reed Hall, 1620 McElderry St., Suite 427, Baltimore, MD 21205, or telephone (410) 614-3450. E-mail to:

Additional Instructions for Foreign Applicants

ENGLISH PROFICIENCY: Students whose native language is not English must submit the results of a standardized test of their English proficiency. The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is recommended and is administered worldwide by the Educational Testing Service. Otherwise, applicants should consult the American consulate, the United States Information Service, or the United States Education Foundation in India for evaluation of their English proficiency. This requirement must be met before an applicant can be offered admission. Please report TOEFL scores to: Institution Code 5316.