Graduate Program in Pathobiology

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Here is where some of our graduates are today

Jonathan Robert Brody, Ph.D.

Grad. - 5/22/2003
Director, Surgical Research; Co-director, The Jefferson Pancreas, Biliary and Related Cancer Center; Current Chair, Cancer Research Program (PRCRP), Department of Defense (Army) in Washington, D.C. Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA

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Brody Lab at Thomas Jefferson University Tackles Pancreatic Cancer
Barry Gertz, M.D., Ph.D.

Grad. - 5/26/2011
Co-Founder and VP of Research, Synterica, Inc.; Partner and VP of Research, Synaptic Research, LLC Synterica, Inc.
Anne Macgregor-Das, Ph.D.

Grad. - 5/21/2015
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, GI/Liver Pathology, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine The Pancreatic Cancer Early Detection Laboratory, Dr. Michael Goggins
Craig N. Morrell, D.V.M, Ph.D.

Grad. - 5/26/2005
Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, Aab Cardiovascular Research Institute, University of Rochester Medical Center, NY Morrell Lab
Weijie Poh, Ph.D.

Grad. - 12/30/2015
Biotech Entrepreneur - Co-Founder, PathoVax LLC Research Fellow at Dana Farber, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA
Brian Simons, Ph.D.

Grad. - 5/22/2014
Assistant Professor, Urology - The James Buchanan Brady Urological Institute, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine The James Buchanan Brady Urological Institute