Graduate Program in Pathobiology

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Courses of Study

The first year is spent in coursework designed to equip all students with a firm grounding in the biology of disease, the ways in which disease affects the systems of the body, and the fundamental scientific approaches and tools needed to study a disease process in depth. In the first year, each student also experiences a minimum of 3 three-month research rotations with program faculty. By the end of the first year, students select a thesis mentor. Under supervision of his/her thesis mentor and advisory committee a student decides upon a dissertation topic in one of the broad range of areas that relate to the pathobiology of diseases. Most students are expected to complete their studies in four to six years.

Year One
Summer 1 (July and August) Semester 1 (End of August through December) Semester 2 (January through mid June)
Research in Pathobiology - Rotation 1. (recommended) Research in Pathobiology - Rotation 2. Research in Pathobiology - Rotation 3.
  Journal Club Journal Club
  *Pathology for Graduate Students: Basic Mechanisms Pathways and Regulations
  Macromolecular Structures and Analysis Cell Structure and Dynamics
  Molecular Biology and Genomics Graduate Immunology
  Genetics Pathology for Graduate Students: Cancer
  Bioinformatics Pathobiology for Graduate Students: Immunology and Infectious Disease
  Journal Club Pathobiology for Graduate Students: Neuropathology
    Pathobiology and Disease Mechanisms

*NOTE: Students who have already taken a satisfactory medical or veterinary pathology course may not be required to take Pathology for Graduate Students: Basic Mechanisms.

Year Two
Summer 2 Semester 1 Summer 2
Research in Pathobiology - Thesis Research Research in Pathobiology - Thesis Research Research in Pathobiology - Thesis Research
  Translational Research Rotation 1 Grant Writing 101
  Journal Club Journal Club
  **Course in Research Ethics  

**Students may take one of the other research ethics courses offered by the school.

Year Three
Year Three and Beyond
Research in Pathobiology -Thesis Research
Translational Research Rotation 2
Journal Club
One elective course each year