Graduate Program in Pathobiology: Funding

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The Johns Hopkins Pathobiology Program represents a unique graduate program that brings together the collegiality of a small group of students with a broad diversity of research experiences. The Program has flourished because of student input on recruitment, policies, and program content facilitated by our chief graduate student. A combination of broad and specialized courses provides students with a well-rounded foundation for their thesis research project. Each year, our graduate students receive a number of awards at the Young Investigator's Day in the Department of Pathology. This is a testament to their research accomplishments.

Our mission is to combine a broad academic perspective with rigorous in-depth research training. The Pathobiology Program has made a priority of selecting and supporting a limited cohort of six to eight talented first year candidates. Each student has the flexibility to select a particular field to pursue after being exposed to various areas of medicine. This approach to learning differs from other graduate programs in the United States where traditional training grants require that the students select a specialty at the time of their entry into the program. In order to maintain this style of a non-committed first year experience for graduate students, we rely on private philanthropic support.

Since 1999, the Pathobiology Program has graduated 45 students who successfully work in traditional and non-traditional careers. Approximately 60% of our students enter the academic world after graduation, while others pursue promising opportunities in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries or in clinical laboratories. A few have entered innovative careers in journalism, patents, and law.

We need your help. Donations to The Pathobiology Graduate Program Fund provide unrestricted resources to support our mission. If you are interested in making a tax-deductible contribution, please follow this link to help ensure the continued success of the Pathobiology Program and the academic flexibility for our students. Your support is greatly appreciated!

We encourage our graduates to network with fellow alumni. Please visit our Pathobiology Facebook page and join the Pathobiology LinkedIn group. We want to stay in touch with our alumni; please email Tracie McElroy .