Gallbladder and Bile Duct Cancer

Appointment and Contact Information

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To schedule an appointment with a Hopkins physician treating gallblader and bile duct cancer, please call one of the following doctors' offices directly. If you are not sure whom to call, please contact the Deaprtment of Surgery New Patient Referral Line at 410-933-1233. In addition, information for patients and family members (including such things as hotel accommodations) and for international patients, as well as information on the deluxe accommodations of Hopkins' Marburg Pavilion is available.

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For Surgery, please call Dr. John Cameron at 410-955-5166.

For Oncology, please call Dr. Dan Laheru or Dr. Ross Donehower at 410-955-8964.

For Gastroenterology, please call Dr. Mimi Canto at 410-715-0350.