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Case prepared by: Jason Daniels
GI Pathology Fellow
Attending: Elizabeth Montgomery, M.D.
  Case 40
Clinical History: 76 year old female with no significant medical history undergoes upper endoscopy for abdominal pain. Biopsy of an erythematous antrum showed chemical gastropathy (NSAID injury, bile reflux, etc.). Biopsy of an endoscopically unremarkable fundus showed the following:
Image 1 Image 1
Image 2 Image 2
Image 3 Image 3
Image 4 Image 4
Choose the correct diagnosis:
  a. Diffuse gastric signet ring carcinoma
  b. Metastatic lobular carcinoma of the breast
  c. Multiple myeloma (plasmacytoma)
  d. Extensive chronic gastritis

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