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Case prepared by: Zina Meriden
GI Pathology Fellow
Attending: Robert Anders MD PhD
  Case 62
Clinical History: A middle aged adult had a history of autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease. Following a childhood traumatic limb amputation which required transfusions, the patient subsequently developed hepatitis C viral infection. The patient presented with a liver mass that was resected. Gross examination of the liver revealed a 4 cm hemorrhagic nodule in a background of marked fibrosis.
Image 1 Image 1
Image 2 Image 2
Choose the correct diagnosis:
  a. Poorly differentiated hepatocellular carcinoma and biliary cystadenoma
  b. Poorly differentiated hepatocellular carcinoma arising in congenital hepatic fibrosis
  c. Poorly differentiated hepatocellular carcinoma and bile duct hamartoma
  d. Poorly differentiated hepatocellular carcinoma and choledochal cyst
  e. Poorly differentiated hepatocellular carcinoma and bile duct adenoma

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