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Case prepared by: Christina A. Arnold
GI Pathology Fellow
Attending: Elizabeth Montgomery, M.D.
  Case 68
Clinical History: An 80 year-old female with a long history of esophageal strictures and lichen planus underwent an upper endoscopic examination. Currently, she occasionally has oral involvement with lesions described as red patches, but has no skin involvement. Upper endoscopic examination reveals multiple segments of stricture with diffuse nodularity and scattered small ulcers in a background of diffusely scaly-appearingesophageal mucosa within the proximal and middle esophagus. Biopsies were obtained throughout the esophagus. Representative figures are shown. Which features are commonly seen in patients with esophageal involvement of lichen planus?
Image 1 Image 1
Image 2 Image 2
Image 3 Image 3
Image 4 Image 4
Choose the correct diagnosis:
  a. Intraepithelial lymphoplasmacytosis
  b. Band-like lymphocytic infiltrate at the interface of basal epithelium and lamina propria
  c. Parakeratosis
  d. d. Dyskeratotic keratinocytes (“Civatte bodies”)
  e. All of the above features

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