The Koliatsos Laboratory

Recent & Ongoing Collaborations With:

  • JH Siewerdsen and colleagues at the Department of Biomedical Engineering:
    the development of portable CT solutions in assessing TBI at point of care
  • Drs. Cernak and Wester in the Applied Physics Laboratory (APL):
    animal models of blast, development of new protection equipment to prevent blast neurotrauma
  • Dr. Iren Horkayne-Szakaly in the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology:
    neuropathology of human blast injury
  • Dr. Juan Troncoso of the Hopkins Brain Resource Center (BRC) and the Maryland Office of Medical Examiner:
    molecular neuropathology of focal and diffuse TBI
  • Drs. Ramesh and Daphalapurkar in the Whiting School of Engineering of JHU:
    finite element analysis modeling of human blast neurotrauma
  • Drs. Welsbie and Zack in the Wilmer Eye Institute:
    DLK-JNK signaling in traumatic/diffuse axonal injury: mechanisms and therapeutics
  • Drs. Wong, Horti and Raymont in the Department of Radiology:
    PET radiotracers (NMDA, nicotinic) to monitor the course of chronic TBI