Le Cancer Metabolism Research Laboratory

About Us

The Le laboratory consists of a small group of researchers led by Dr. Anne Le who is responsible for leading and directing projects. Every member of the lab is passionate about creating innovative diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for improving the lives of cancer patients. The research conducted in Le lab exploits the altered cellular metabolism found in many cancers for therapeutic potential.

The Le laboratory also:

  • Provides consultation to basic, clinical, and translational research teams regarding the feasibility, design, and costs of projects using metabolomics technologies (including mass spec and NMR-based metabolomics);
  • Customizes metabolic approaches based on specific research projects/questions: ranging from simple assays to high-throughput approaches such as global metabolic profiling and stable isotope-13C, 15N-labeled on a wide variety of sample types;
  • Provides extensive data analysis and suggests options for subsequent steps towards clinical implementation.

Please visit their Metabolomics Program as part of Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (ICTR) - supported labs.

The Le laboratory developed patient-derived pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer and glioblastoma orthotopic models.