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The Genetics of Pancreatic Cancer

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Allelotype Markers

Microsatellite Markers (Research Genetics - Huntsville, AL) Employed in the Manuscript "The Structural Basis of Molecular Genetic Deletions: An Integration of Classical Cytogenetic and Molecular Analyses in Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma" by D. Brat et al, Am J Pathol.

All markers listed were employed in the study, and the locations listed are from the Research Genetics Home page (http://www.resgen.com). Note that not all of the markers were informative in all of the cases.

         Chr.1p                   Chr.1q
Marker       Location     Marker      Location

D1S214       1p           D1S305       1q12-21
D1S228       1p           CRP1         1q21-23
D1S199       1p           D1S104       1q21-23
FGR          1p36.2-36.1  D1S318       1q21-23
D1S233       1p           D1S242       1q23-25
MYCL         1p32         D1S399       1q
DIS162       1p32         D1S235       1q41-42
D1S159       1p22         D1S180       1q42
D1S207       1p22         D1S102       1q
D1S116       1p31-21
D1SAMY2      1p21
DIS187       1p21-13
D1S188       1p22
DIS252       1p13

         Chr.2p                   Chr.2q
Marker       Location     Marker       Location

D2S131       2p25-22      D2S141       2q21-33
D2S177       2p23-15      D2S155       2q33-35
D2S134       2p14-13      D2S206       2q33-37
D2S113       2p13-q21

         Chr.3p                   Chr.3q

Marker       Location    Marker     Location
D3S1307      3pter-25     D3S1303      3q13.1-13.2
D3S1297      3pter-25     D3S1290      3q21-25.2
D3S1260      3p24.2-22    D3S1238      3q21-25
D3S1189      3p21.2-21.1  D3S1206      3q21-25
D3S1234      3p21.1-14.2  D3S196       3q27-28
D3S1285      3p14.2-14.1  D3S1237      3q25.1-25.2
D3S1284      3p14-13      D3S1243      3q25.2-26.2
D3S1251      3p11-cent    SST          3q28
                          D3S1288      3q27
                          D3S1265      3q28-qter

         Chr.4p                   Chr.4q
Marker       Location    Marker     Location
D4S126       4p16.3       D4S193       4q21-25
D4S230       4p16.1-11    D4S192       4q25-34
DRD5         4p15.3-15.2
GABR         4p13-12

         Chr.5p                   Chr.5q
Marker       Location    Marker     Location
D5S117       5p15.3-15.1  D5S82        5q14-21
D5S108       5p14.1-13.1  D5S433       5q21
D5S111       5p14.1-13.1  FBN2         5q23-31
                          D5S178       5q31
                          D5S365       5q32
                          D5S427       5q
                          D5S210       5q33

         Chr.6p                   Chr.6q
Marker       Location     Marker     Location
D6S344       6p24         D6S254       6q12
F13A1        6p24.2-23    D6S251       6q14-15
D6S263       6p24.2-23    D6S252       6q14-15
D6S259       6p23         D6S301       6q
D6S260       6p23         D6S87        6q23
D6S274       6p23         D6S250       6q23
D6S109       6p22.3-22.2  D6S310       6q21-23
D6S285       6p22.3-22.2  D6S255       6q24-25
D6S299       6p22.3-21.3  D6S264       6qq

D6S276       6p22.3-21.3  D6S281       6q27-qter
D6S202       6p22-21.3
D6S105       6p22-21.3
D6S510       6p21.3
D6S291       6p21.3
D6S271       6p21.2-21.1
D6S282       6p21.2-21.1
D6S272       6p21.2-21.1
D6S243       6p21.1
D6S426       6p21
D6S294       6p12
D6S257       6p12-11

         Chr.7p                   Chr.7q
Marker       Location     Marker    Location
D7S531       7p22         D7S515       7q21-22
D7S513       7p22         D7S512       7q32
D7S507       7p22         D7S495       7q35
D7S493       7p21-15      D7S498       7q35
D7S435       7p21         D7S483       7q36
D7S460       7p          D7S550       7q36-qter
D7S555       7p
D7S474       7p

         Chr.8p                   Chr.8q
Marker       Location     Marker     Location
D8S201       8pter-22     D8S166       8q11.23
MDF280       8p           D8S260       8q
D8S265       8p           D8S251       8q
D8S261       8p           D8S88        8q22.1-22.3
D8S282       8p           D8S200       8q22-23
D8S587       8p12         D8S198       8q23-qter

         Chr.9p                   Chr.9q
Marker       Location    Marker    Location
D9S54        9ppter-22    D9S15        9q13-21
D9S199       9p24-23      D9S153       9q
D9S168       9p23-22      D9S152       9q13-22.3
D9S156       9p23-22      D9S196       9q22.1-22.3
D9S157       9p23         D9S154       9q32-33
D9S162       9p23         D9S103       9q33
IFNA         9p22         ABL          9q34.1
D9S171       9p21         D9S158       9q34.2-qter
D9S161       9p21
D9S104       9p21
D9S200       9p21-12
D9S55        9p12

        Chr.10p                   Chr.10q
Marker       Location    Marker    Location 
D10S249      10pter       D10S225      10q11.2-21.2
D10S189      10p15-14     D10S109      10q21.2-22.1
D10S191      10p14-13     D10S218      10q
D10S245      10p          D10S215      10q
D10S111      10p13-11.2   D10S184      10q
D10S183      10p11.2-q11  D10S254      10q
                          D10S169      10q1-24
                          D10S209      10q
                          D10S608      10q3
                          D10216       10q

        Chr.11p                   Chr.11q
Marker       Location    Marker     Location
D11S922      11p15.5      D11S309      11q
D11S257      11p15        D11S973      11q21
D11S875      11p15.4-13   D11S876      11q14.1-23.3
D11S935      11p13        D11S897      11q22-23
D11S871      11p11        D11S976      11q23
D11S569      11p          D11S975      11q23-24
D11S929      11p          D11S912      11q25
D11S905      11p          D11S874      11q24-qter
D11S554      11p          D11S956      11q
A            11p13-14     D11S901      11q
                          D11S927      11q
                          D11S924      11q

        Chr.12p                   Chr.12q
Marker       Location    Marker      Location
D12S98       12p13.3-13.2 D12S270      12q
D12S95       12p13.2      D12S75       12q
D12S62       12p13.2-12.1 D12S64       12q12-24.1
D12S61       12p12-11     PAH          12q24.2
                          PLA2         12q23-qter
                          D12S60       12q22-24.33
                          D12S79       12q22
                          D12S371      12q13
                          D12S58       12q14-24.1


        Chr.13q                   Chr.14q
Marker       Location     Marker
D13S115      13q11-12.1   D14S50       14q11
D13S217      13q11-13     D14S52       14q
D13S218      13q14        D14S53       14q
D13S118      13q14.1      D14S78       14q32-qter
D13S133      13q14.3
D13S147      13q22
D13S156      13q21.2-31
D13S170      13q22-31
D13S121      13q31
D13S71       13q32
D13S158      13q32-33
D13S225      13q34
D13S173      13q32-34

        Chr.15q                   Chr.16p
Marker       Location    Marker      Location
GABRB3       15q11.2-12   D16S423      16p13.3
FES          15q          D16S405      16p13.1
D15S113      15q          SPN          16p11.2

        Chr.16q                 Chr.17p
Marker      Location    Marker    Location
D16S261     16q12.1      12G6        17p13
D16S265     16q21        D17S578     17p3
D16S398     16q22.1      D17S520     17p12
D16S266     16q23        D17S799     17p13-12
D16S413     16q24.3

        Chr.17q                 Chr.18p
Marker      Location     Marker     Location
D17S250     17q11.2-12   D18S590     18ppter-11.2
D17S809     17q21-22     D18S63      18ppter-11.2
D17S785     17q25        D18S78      18ppter-11.2

        Chr.18q                 Chr.19p
Marker      Location   Marker    Location
D18S70      18q23-qter   D19S177     19p13.3
D18S58      18q23        D19S247     19p13.3

D18S61      18q22-23     EPOR        19p13.2
D18S68      18q21-22
D18S38      18q11

        Chr.19q                 Chr.20p
Marker      Location    Marker     Location
D19S191     19q13.1      D20S27      20p12
D19S178     19q13.2      PCSK2       20p11.2
D19S254     19q13.4
D19S246     19q13.3-13.4

        Chr.20q                Chr.21q
Marker      Location     Marker      Location
SRL         20q11.2      D21S120     21q11
ADA         20q12-13.11  D21S11      21q11.2
D20S25      20q13.3      IFNAR       21q22.1
                         D21S167     21q22.2
                         D21S266     21q22.3

Marker    Location
F8VW      22q11.22
D22S257   22q11.2
D22S258   22q11
D22S274   22q13-qter
D22S278   22q11-12