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What's New 2017

Pancreatic cancer patients may live longer by traveling to academic hospital for operation

A recent paper published in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons reports that traveling to an academic medical center such as Johns Hopkins for surgical resection of a pancreatic cancer is associated with higher quality surgical care. Although they found better care at high-volume surgical centers, they report that few patients travel for their cancer operations. To learn more, visit: or

Congratulations Dr. Weiss!

Dr. Matthew Weiss Johns Hopkins pancreas surgeon Dr. Matthew Weiss was inducted into the Miller-Coulson Academy as a Miller-Coulson Scholar. This high honor recognizes clinical excellence- "The clinically excellent academic physician who has achieved a level of mastery in communication & interpersonal skills, professionalism & humanism, and negotiation of the healthcare system. Such physicians are exemplary with respect to diagnostic acumen, knowledge, and their scholarly approach to clinical practice. They exhibit a passion for patient care, and they explicitly model all of the above to medical trainees, earning them a reputation for being exceptional." Congratulations Dr. Weiss!