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Key Points:
  • Located anywhere in pancreas
  • No communication with ducts
  • Sponge-like appearance
Images: Central stellate scar |

Serous cystadenomas can be located anywhere in the pancreas—head, body, or tail. Communication with pancreatic ducts is not normally a finding with serous cysts, although there have been a few reported. They are normally single lesions. Multifocal lesions seem to be associated with VHL.

Most cystadenomas are large (mean 6.0 cm), well-demarcated, somewhat bosselated masses, composed of innumerable small (usually <2mm) thin-walled cysts, imparting a sponge-like appearance on cross-section. A stellate scar appears in the center of the neoplasms and is often calcified. The cysts can be larger in the periphery of the neoplasm. Rare serous cystadenomas composed of only a few larger cysts (oligocystic variant) and a case of a serous cystadenoma with a solid growth pattern (solid serous cystadenoma) have been reported.


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