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Key Points:
  • Anywhere in pancreas, many extrapancreatic
  • Occasional communication with ducts
  • Filled with necrotic debris
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Pseudocysts can occur anywhere in the pancreas: head, body, or tail. Many, in fact, are extrapancreatic. They vary in size as well, anywhere from 3-20 cm. “The largest cysts are found in alcoholic pancreatitis and are located outside the pancreas, often lying in the lesser omental sac. Other locations are the retroperitoneum between the stomach and transverse colon, the stomach, and the liver, and the perirenal space or the subdiaphragmatic space.

Pseudocysts may sometimes communicate with the pancreatic duct system. They are usually filled with necrotic-hemorrhagic material and/or turbid fluid rich in pancreatic enzymes.


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