Johns Hopkins Pathology

Key Points:
  • Tan to red
  • Pseudocapsule composed of fibrotic tissue
  • Cystic degeneration
Images: Hemorrhagic areas |

SPN’s may be from 1.5 cm in size to 30 cm, with a mean of 10.5 cm. Small SPN’s have a slightly different gross appearance than larger SPN’s—smaller SPN’s show less cystic change, are soft, tan to red tumors, and have varying degrees of fibrosis. In contrast, larger SPN’s have a pseudocapsule composed of fibrotic tissue. Large areas of hemorrhage and cystic degeneration are often present, with ragged fronds of friable tan tumor clinging to edges of cystic cavities. However, there have been examples of SPN’s that are completely solid and others that have been entirely cystic.


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