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Key Points:
  • Pseudopapillary areas
  • Hyalin globules
Images: Hyalin globules | Papillary area | CD10 expression | B-catenin labeling | Macrophages | Vasculature |

Solid-pseudopapillary neoplasms vary in their appearance depending upon the area of the tumor. For example, in solid areas, sheets and nests of uniform, polygonal epithelioid cells are separated by small vessels, each of which exhibits a variable degree of perivascular collagen. In areas where early degenerative changes are more apparent, the tumor cells situated away from the small vessels begin to drop out, resulting in a residual rim of cells clustered around the small vessels; thus, each perivascular cluster of cells represents a pseudopapilla. Furthermore, there are frequently other manifestations of degenerative changes including aggregates of foamy histiocytes, cholesterol clefts, and hemorrhage. Other histological characteristics of solid-pseudopapillary cysts are hyaline cytoplasmic globules, and round to oval nuclei that exhibit nuclear grooves and convolutions.


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