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The Joseph C. Monastra Fund

Dear Friends,

It is with great sadness that we are writing you, our beloved husband and father Joseph C. Monastra passed away on April 4, 2002. Joseph passed away only four short weeks after being diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. According to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN), no effective early detection methods have been developed, there are minimal treatment options available and very little research is presently under way due to limited research funding.

In honor of Joseph's memory, we have established the "Joseph C. Monastra Fund for Pancreatic Cancer Research" at Johns Hopkins University, in Baltimore. We are asking that you please help us make a difference for pancreatic cancer research and raise awareness for the need for increased research funding at our first fundraiser, a 5K race, in Hudson, Ohio on Saturday September 21st of 2002. We have partnered up with Johns Hopkins and a group of scientists in the pathology department who are working specifically on pancreatic cancer research. By establishing this fund in Joseph's name, we have the privilege of earmarking the funds.

Pancreatic Cancer has gone too long with out a voice. It is a disease that most call, "The Silent Killer." Many other forms of cancer have made enormous strides, in reducing their mortality rate, through research and the development of early detection and prevention methods. The need for advocacy is crucial in helping make a difference for pancreatic cancer and the tens of thousands of people diagnosed each year (approx. 30,000 this year). Our family's hope is that through our voice and the voice of many we can raise awareness for the need to increase the allocation for research dollars to pancreatic cancer research.

Joseph dedicated his life and career to his family, friends and to the United States Defense Industry. We've attached a biography that was printed in his dedication. In honor of his memory and legacy to his family, friends, and country we felt it imperative to personally make it our mission to fight this disease that robbed his family and friends of a hero, a friend, a father and a husband. Please help us make a difference for Pancreatic Cancer Research. Your contributions, in any form, are appreciated with our heartfelt gratitude.


The Monastra Family