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The Joseph C. Monastra Fund

In June 2002, we went to Washington D.C. for a conference on cancer awareness. We had the privilege to meet with both the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN) and One Voice Against Cancer (OVAC). The conference lasted four days and within those days we went to several seminars, observed a senate hearing on the request for increased funding for cancer research, and independently met with our congressman and senators.

We received a certificate from the Honorable Johnny Isakson, Member of Congress for Atlanta, Georgia stating that per his request five flags (one for Joseph's wife and one for each of his daughters) was flown over the capital in honor of Joseph Monastra's dedication in life and career to the defense industry of the United States.

Monastra 1
Left to right (relation to Joseph Monastra): Tony Tortorici (sister-in-law), Monica Monastra - Lodge (daughter), Honorable Johnny Isakson, Member of Congress, Pamela Monastra - Swanson (daughter), Maureen Monastra (wife), Grace Saunders (daughter)

Monastra 2

Monastra 2
Group photo from our trip to Johns Hopkins

Maureen Monastra gets hands on experience in the lab.

Dr. Ralph Hruban explains how gene chips are used to find novel markers of pancreatic cancer.

Dr. Chris Iacobuzio explains the pathology of pancreatic cancer.

Dr. Mike Goggins demonstrates pancreas cancer cells growing in culture to Monica (Monastra) Lodge.

Maureen Monastra takes a peek at the pancreas cancer cells in culture too.

Dr. Gloria Su explains how an animal model of pancreas cancer is made.

Dr. Mike Goggins explains how novel markers of pancreas cancer can be found using pancreas cancer cells in culture.